5 Simple DIY Ideas for Superhero Theme Party

5 Simple DIY Ideas for Superhero Theme Party

5 Simple DIY Ideas for Superhero Theme Party

Superhero is one of the few themes for birthday parties which always has been popular for centuries! Be it for a 40-year-old adult or a 4-year-old kid, almost everyone can easily name you a few superheroes.Here are some simple ideas which you can implement at your party yourself:

1) Decorations: Centre Spread Backdrop

Collect centre-spread of superheros in comic books, magazines and newspapers of your favourite superhero. You can even ask your mummy community to look out and keep for you and very soon, you will have more than you think!

At your party, use these centrespread as a banner and backdrop by creating a montage out of them!2) Decorations: Cut old comic to use a bunting


Cut old comics and paste them on a ribbon to make a superhero bunting!

Photocopied comic book pages make great DIY bunting.
Source: Delightfully Tacky.
3) Activity: Weight lifting
Think of superhero, images of strong and powerful guys come into our heads. He has to be able to carry weights! As kids arrive at the party, you can prove their super power-ness by letting them carrying these dumbbells. Simply tie 2 balloons on a broom stick for your dumbbell.

4) Activity: Jump over the buildings

Decorate various cardboard boxes  of different size as buildings. Ask the kids to jump over them to see if they can fly over the buildings just like superheroes.

5) Food: Use old comic as food wrappers

Comic book page cones hold Cheetos or other crunchy things.
Source: Life Frosting.
Use old comics and magazines of your superhero to wrap around your food items like mineral water bottles and cup sleeves. You can also roll it up into a cone and use it as a container for popcorn and chips.
For more ideas of Superheros theme party, see the Superhero party package and our case study of a superhero corporate Bring Your Kids to Work!
Book our theme balloon sculpting in which we make spiderman, batman and other superheros for the kids! Paint all the kids like superheros with our facepainting!

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