Art for your Kids II

I remembered taking art lessons when I was a kid. I remember this art teacher’s way of conducting her lesson: She will ask us to copy her drawing from the whiteboard wholesale, right down to the way she drew her people; with large noses.
It was when I was in Junior College, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I decided to teach kids how to draw. I was thinking I could probably draw better than that teacher since I got an A in my GCE ‘O’ levels for my art. I remember occasions that my classmate in secondary school would “copy” my artwork sometimes! In fact, I contemplated studying art in Junior College but was discouraged as I was in a triple science combination.
Wanting to be independent from my parents, (i.e. stop taking my pocket money), I asked my father if I can run my own art lessons at his RC. He agreed! So I designed a poster, photocopied and up in went around the neighbourhood. I had some (not many) kids for a start.
It was a creative outlet for me, thinking of different pictures to teach the kids to draw (or copy) every week. I remember teaching them how to make this fireworks picture by scraping of black parts of their crayons.
Now at Mr Bottle’s Kids Party, we also run art and craft workshops. It’s like full circle to my “art career”!
Do catch our staff at different OCBC branches teaching kids how to draw!

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