Bear Theme Party 5 – Decorations

Bear Theme Party 5 – Decorations

Invitations with their guest’s own drawings…

Bears trying to get up the top of the tree. (Actually there’s some spots on the wall and we try to cover them up with balloons too!)

Bears welcoming guests near the entrance.

At the door…

Bear directional signs….

Another bear directional sign…

Welcome!Bears are invited of course!

I love this one the best! Made of felt, the letters are pasted on the wall by Birthday Girl, Kyana herself! (Noticed the chocolate stain beside one of the paws? She was eating chocolate when she’s doing that!)

Bear thank you cards for the “hunt” and decoration as well! (Along the corridor into the party hall.)

Stickers on the wall (background)

The only thing I probably would have done to improve the decorations is to get helium balloons which can fill up the space with lots of colours! (Unfortunately, we don’t have any helium balloons.)

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