Bear Theme Party – Bear Making Workshop!

Bear Theme Party – Bear Making Workshop!

Bear making workshop is the core activity of this Birthday Party! Each kid is given a bear which they have to:

  • decorate the T-shirt that the bear is wearing
  • put the fluff into bear and stitch it up
  • make a wish and put a heart into the bear
  • fill in their own bear certificate
Names of the bears in case some need help with them….
Explaining what to do next…

Helping a kid stitch up the bear! Filling up the bear certificate….

Decorated T-shirts of the bears… Some are faster than the rest…

Who has the nicest bear?!

Me me!

Kyana (birthday girl) and Karash (birthday girl’s brother)’s special costume…

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  • Posted 1st March 2010


    The Bear Party workshop was an eye-opener for us adults too. It was fascinating to see the little 5yr-olds all engrossed & excited in their tasks of bear choosing, t-shirt painting, fluff stuffing, fervent wishing with their little bear hearts. Their expressions & enthusiasm were priceless joy for the parents.It couldn't have gone more perfect to open the party with Magic by their favorite Mr BOTTLE!! simply…AWESOME!GRRRRrrr!

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