BEST Indoor Playground 7

BEST Indoor Playground 7

Hockey Pokey

Different from other indoor playground, Hockey Pokey does not have climbs, slides and ball pools. It has many different toys as well as small tricycles, bikes etc. Ideal for kids as young as 6 months old!
Temperature checks is taken and hand sanitizer is used for everyone before entering, including adults. Any sick child/ adult is not allowed in the playground. This is to ensure the well-being of everyone. This is also a very good way of inculcating hygiene to the kids, where most other indoor playgrounds and even some pre-schools do not practice that.
To further improve on that, Hockey Pokey can consider to practice a short period, e.g. 30-min closure in the middle of the day, to sanitize the playground.
Birthday Party Packages
Hockey Pokey has very appealing themes to select from. Clients can even request for those themes not in the list. Each and every item is specially customized to the theme, from the plates, goodie bags, birthday cake, bottled drinks, food labels, as well as the names of the food and name of birthday kid! There’s also a variety of add-ons: food (for adults & themed dessert table), piñata (in-house/ themed), decorations to fringe activities (Balloon Sculpting & Face Painting). The themed parties are indeed very impressive!

A bus birthday cake
Desserts customized to the birthday kid’s name

Customized Goodie Bags and bottled drinks
Balloon Sculpting by Mr Bottle’s Kids Party
Balloon Decorations

Centrepieces and cupcake toppers themed to vehicles



Clients can even play a montage of their birthday child in the party room. How wonderful is that!

Montage screened at the party room


Hockey Pokey
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk #02-42/43/44/45, Singapore 039596
Opening hours: Sun to Thur: 10am to 7pm. Fri to Sat: 10am to 9pm
Contact: 6884 5385

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