Best Indoor Playground 9: The City

Best Indoor Playground 9: The City

Cannot wait for Kidzania to open in Singapore? Visit The City instead! For younger children from 2 to 8 year-old, The City is an interactive learning playground located in Liang Court which allows kids to role play by taking on different occupations. 

Wear the costume and take photos at each station!

in Singapore on 2012 as its first learning playground (winning 2 consecutive
awards as the best indoor playground in Singapore), The City supports children’s imagination and creativity by
giving them a platform to do so – enabling them to transform themselves into
Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Policemen and many more while
dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. To further engage them, The
City provides realistic first-of-its-kind environments and scenarios where kids
can drive on mini streets, and explore small-scale real-life locations, such as
the supermarket, cafe, beauty salon, medical clinic and more. 

Cafe The City

I brought my kids there and was pleasantly surprised that my kids enjoyed themselves. My girl loves to shop at the supermarket and she can safely do her shopping without the fear of disturbing others shoppers. The spoilt cash register didn’t lessen the fun for the kids.


Professionally calculating the total of our purchases.

There is no guided play at The City, unlike Kidzania. Instead parents are encouraged to play with their kids at the various ‘stations’. For instance, we were given a shopping list so the children can look for the items at the supermarket. At other stations like the cafe, I simply order some food and let my kid figure out how she has to cook that with what is available. This can be a con to some parents who may just want to leave their kids to play on their own or are not too sure how to creatively play with their children at each station.  

Sounds like a great place for parties isn’t it? 

As for Party Packages
(Birthday or others)
they have a standard package (with some free
play) and one with guided activities, each
at a different price per weekday/weekend as listed here.
Kids can drive along a track.

In addition, they offer Private Events
(i.e. premium birthday parties, farewell parties, corporate events etc.) which
are not listed in the website, those starts at $1500 for weekdays and $2000 for
weekends/PH and include the following:

  • Exclusive
    use of The City Interactive Playground for a private
    party for 3 hours
  • Timeslots on weekends/PH are limited to
    9am-1pm/4pm-7pm, no limits on weekdays
  • Free
    access to The City for 40 Children
  • The
    party set up
  • The
  • Free
    play at The City
  • Party
    food: McDonalds Happy Meal or Pizza & Juice
  • Cake
    cutting ceremony (cake not provided)
  • The
    City Balloon for every child
  • Working
    in The City: 45 minutes of guided activities (Optional)
  • Special
    Gift for the Birthday Party Child
  • Parents
    lounge with comfort seating and free Wi-Fi for the adult guests
Great Deal!!! 
Mention Mr Bottle’s Kids Party to receive additional freebies:

  1. When booking the basic Birthday Party Package (“The City Birthday Party!“) –  you will receive 1 free “The City Gift Card” (includes 1 entry pass and 1
  2. When
    booking the premium Birthday Party Package (“Working in The City
    Birthday Party!“) – we will give away 2 free “The City Gift Card” (each
    includes 1 entry pass and 1 snack)
  3. When
    booking a Private Party – we will give away 1 free Family Value Package
    (includes 3 entry passes and 3 snacks) worth 60$ + free of charge 45mins guided
    activity as part of the party worth $100.
  4. Free Mr Bottle Goodies boxes (up to 15) with booking of any entertainment from Mr Bottle when celebrating your event at The City.
For more information about Mr Bottle’s entertainment, feel free to contact us at 65155921 or email us at 

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