Close-Up Magic

Mr Bottle signing autographs after performing close-up magic at the Istana

Mr Bottle signing autographs after performing close-up magic at the Istana

Close-up Magic is also known as roving magic or street magic. If performed in a restaurant, it is sometimes called table magic. Some may think that close-up is probably the easiest to perform because the magician can get the props easily. The converse is true: because this magic is so close to the audience, a lot of empathy is needed to react to the audience and to make it amazing. 

Mr Bottle has been performing close-up magic professionally for more than 19 years, including for some of the biggest corporations in Singapore and overseas, like Merrill Lynch, Pfizer and ESPN, just to name a few.

Mr Bottle was selected to perform at theSingapore Grand Prix (F1) thrice in a row as well as the Singapore Magic Festival and Japan Cup 2010, alongside world champion magicians. In 2017, I flew to KL, Malaysia and Yangon, Myanmar to perform at the MIDAS and Water Conference tradeshows respectively. He was the first magician to perform on the Eastern Oriental Express train.

His experience in magic and professionalism has brought to Korea to perform for all the executives of biggest American companies at the American Chambers of Commerce annual ball.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my warm appreciation for your service and effort to make the AMCHAM Inaugural Ball 2004 another AMCHAM’s historic event. We have heard many positive responses from our guests about your magic after the Ball.” — Andrew Kim, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea —

His close-up was featured on a live interview on BBC, the first and only Singaporean magician on the channel. He has also done magic on news media like Capital 958, CCTV and Channel 5.

Mr Bottle’s Close-up Magic is a light-hearted, personalised and unique, involving the audience hence it creates an experience of mystery and surprise in the minds of individuals for many years to come.

As the magic happens in the audience’s hands and right under their nose, they are guaranteed to have lots of fun and experience “real” magic! His close-up Magic has received many rave reviews, including from national celebrities like Kym Ng and Irin Gan.

Money Back Guarantee!*

Mr Bottle was selected to perform at the Singapore Grand Prix (F1) thrice in a row, River Hongbao as well as the Singapore Magic Festival and Japan Cup 2010, alongside world champion magicians. He was also selected to perform for the opening of MBS Skypark as well as Resort World Sentosa’s regular contract.

Close-Up Magic for Events

Close-up magic is a fringe entertainment not only for children but also adults! Whether it is family day, kids@work events, Dinner and Dance, this is a perfect tool to draw your guests together! 

Our magic create talking points and draw people into your event. A lot of times, guests remember the event because of our close-up magic!

Case Study: Philips Lighting got us to do their Family Day at the Night Safari for the 1st time. After watching Mr Bottle’s close-up magic, everyone decided to stay on to watch his Magic in a Bottle show! (Usually, a lot of the families will forego the entertainment to have more time at the park, tourist spot or go home to rest earlier.) The company went on to book us for 10 more shows.

Close-Up Magic for Restaurants

In restaurants and F&B outlets, magicians rove from table to table to perform magic for your customers. We have done in bars too. Our customers include Bar84, Grand Hyatt Singapore and Todai.

As a restaurants, pubs and other F&B outlets owner, do you encounter the following problems:

  • Manpower – Staff doesn’t turn up for work suddenly and you are short-handed. Customers take longer to be served.
  • Not enough customers during your off-peak periods
  • Too many customers during your peak hours
  • Too many competitors in your area

If so, close-up magic may be the solution for you. Because roving magic can provide the following benefits: 

  1. Reduce Waiting Time – If you have a long queue outside your F&B outlet, magic will keep your crowd there so they won’t walk away to your competitors. If your food is taking longer to come, magic at the tables will psychologically reduce the waiting time. Our magicians are also experienced in handling F&B situation and know how to react to customers’ requests.
  2. Help you turnaround your tables – We DO NOT hold back your turnaround time with magic, we only perform to diners who are waiting. In fact, one of our strategies to improve table turnaround is how we can help pull your customers away from their tables to another area (eg. the bar) to watch the magic. Talk to us to understand our objectives driven strategies to improve your business.
  3. Stand out from your competition – Having entertainment will distinguish your restaurant/pub from others as it is a unique form of performance and improve your positioning as the outlet that offer great entertainment. Use it as a puller during your quieter days!
  4. No Space Needed– Close-up magic doesn’t need any space! In other words, in Singapore where you want to maximise your every square feet to accommodate customers, you don’t need to cater a stage or even a corner to us! We just go table to table.
  5. Hassle Free – No need to install sound system, stage and other logistic. Imagine installing sound system for your restaurant, only to find out it is not what your customers want. Work with us on a 2 month trial with minimum upfront investments!
  6. Personalised –  If you write a “thank you” card to your customers vs just flashing the sign “thank you for coming” at the door, which one will they remember better? Magic has the same effect to bring across that personalised experience for each table. Magic creates better memory recall. We can even customise our magic to give away your vouchers and a souvenir from your restaurant. A few of our clients saw an increase in regulars and revenue after 2 months of implementing our programme.
  7. Targeted – As a magician with 19 years of experience, we know which tables want a quiet moment to themselves and which are impatiently waiting for their food. With targeting, you are implementing a change without risking losing your customers.
  8. Transience language – Magic is a wonderful tool which can entertain all age groups, all languages and cultures. Mr Bottle has performed in situations which nobody understood English to great reactions! (Yes, he performed in North Korea)

Case studies: In Japan, customers are willing to spend US$20-120 on top of their drinks to watch magic at bars. Imagine the value you are giving to your customers by providing this. Some restaurants charges more for food in New York because of their table-side entertainment.

Of course, close-up magic is not only the solution for any restaurants. Talk to us and tell us your restaurant size, crowd, location, etc and we will find the best strategy to achieve your ROI.

Close-Up Magic for Weddings

If you have been to a Chinese wedding, you will know that not all guests will arrive on time! The early birds have no choice but to wait for the lunch or dinner to start. 

Photobooths are great ideas to keep guests occupied but the turnaround time for each group may not be as ideal and of course, it is becoming more common. 

Closeup magic is perfect solution for pre-dinner fringe activity for wedding couples looking at having something unique to create wonderful memories. Mr Bottle is bilingual so he can engage the aunties and uncles, click with your grandparents’ generations and play very well with children too!

(On the other hand, if you want to have magic during dinner, we suggest having a short stage magic show since Chinese weddings have 2 march-in, 2 videos, couple going around the tables to take photos with guests, etc.)

For small weddings luncheon which the celebration is a cosy affair, roving magic is perfect since there is seldom any stage programme nor march-in. 

Mr Bottle has performed at numerous weddings in Singapore. In 2012, he was invited to perform at a wedding in Udaipur, India attended by Bollywood Celebrities and ministers.

Look at the reactions Mr Bottle create as well as the number of people he can draw to your events. 

Entertainment for Pre-teens and Teens

What is a suitable entertainment or performance for a teens party?

Being a teenager is not easy because they are at an age group which they need to look better than their peers. Entertaining this crowd is not easy because “they know it all” (at least they think so.)

Closeup magic is one of the best entertainment for them because it is:

  • Up close and personal – it helps to eliminate all possibilities of how the magic is done. (unlike stage magic because it is far, they think there are ‘strings or magnet’)
  • Trending / Popular – With close-up magic taking the centre stage in recent years like David Blaine, Dynamo and more recently Shin Lim, teens are more intrigue by this special brand of magic.
  • Informal – street magic doesn’t invade into their space. The show is kept flexible; it can be short if they are distracted and eager to look for their friends and made longer if the crowd is interested.
  • Value-for-money – Close-Up Magic capturing the attention for as many as 25 audience at the same time and this can be repeated for different groups hence the price per audience is much cheaper compared to facepainting or caricature. Whether you have a crowd of 200 or just a cosy party for 20, we can recommend the best duration for your event.

In other words, birthday parties, proms and graduation parties are perfect celebrations to include close-up magic. 

Why should you book Mr Bottle / Kien and team for Close-up Magic?

  • Mr Bottle has high empathy and can read what is appropriate audience and react accordingly.
  • Mr Bottle is a psychologist by training so he knows what is age-appropriate for your kids, yet interesting for the adults!
  • We use GOOD English in our shows! 
  • Mr Bottle is all about positive reinforcement! We want to have a positive impact on kids and to inspire them. All our branding, our philosophy is built around it. Ask for a copy of Mr Bottle’s story to learn more! If you have watched our shows before, we never mention that kids are wrong!
  • It is a fact that people remember Mr Bottle many years down the road. For instance, we had a client contact us recently because he kept our namecard in his diary for the past 8 years! Why? The magic created such an impact on him, he carries it where ever he went! 

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