Compliments for Mr Bottle and Hello!

Dear Mr Bottle,

Thank you for making my girl’s 7th birthday party a great success. The kids had a rolling good time. I was surprised that the sister of my girl’s friend who is always very shy became the first one to volunteer to help in your magic act. The adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids. Many of the parents present commented after the party that “the magician is good!”.

My girl hugged me before she went to bed that night and thanked me for the wonderful party I planned. She was telling me how much fun she had during magic time. Thank you for giving her the due attention. She also enjoyed the games by your games master who is very good with the kids and she managed to get almost all the kids to participate in the games. There was so much laughter!

Thank you once again for helping me make my girl’s 7th birthday party a very memorable one.

Best regards
Mrs Amy Ong

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