Compliments from an International Award Winning Magician!

Last December, we invited Ice McDonald for a show at the Flyer. We also took the opportunity to ask him to help us with our shows! He helped to touch on the finer points of our magic. We are also very happy to acknowledge the high international standards that we maintain for our shows. Here are his comments:

As an international traveler, I have had the opportunity to witness many children entertainer/performers and never have I seen one quite like you. You held the children mesmerized with your wonderful presentation. The thing that impressed me was how you made each child feel special, especially the child that was being honored. It even appeared that some of the parents were taken back to their childhood as well with the magical performance. It gives me great pleasure to recommend you, (Mr. Bottle) to those who want excellent entertainment for their children. Thanks again for your magic and keeping us forever young.

Warmest regards

Kenrick “ICE” McDonald
Master Entertainer/Speaker
Entertainer of the Year

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