How to make your own DIY Foos Ball Table!

How to make your own DIY Foos Ball Table!

Like football? Want to play soccer even during the rainy days? With the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup just over, everyone is still talking about it after a long while.

I spotted some young children at world cup screening even if they are so late in the night! So satisfy your child’s interest in football, this a craft which you can do with your child.

Yes, you can make your very own DIY foos ball table!! ole ole ole ole… goal!!

What you need:

  • Shoe box
  • wooden dowel / balloon stick
  • printer for printing the templates
  • 1x white paper
  • 1x green paper(A4)
  • Cardboard (if you can the cover of the shoebox)
  • Colouring material
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • double sided tape

Step 1: Poke holes on the sides.

Remove the top of the shoebox (if any). Poke 4 holes on the longer sides of the shoes box.(i.e. total of 8 holes) The distance apart depends on the size of your shoe box. Space them equally apart. Our shoe box is about 32cm long, if yours is bigger, you can consider having more holes (hence more players).

how to make foos ball table game

Step 2: Make the goal “net”

Cut out 2 rectangles on shorter side of the shoe box. If you want to put nets there you can, but not necessary. The bigger the goal, the easily to score. Ours is about 5 x 10cm.

how to make foos ball table game

Step 3: Create the turf

Download the turf here and print them on green construction paper. Trim and use glue to paste it down on the inside of the box.

how to make foos ball table game

Step 4: Make the players

Download the players template here print them on white paper. Decorate them to your favourite teams. If you have 4 sticks, you will need 6 players (2-1) in total. If you have 6 sticks (2-2-1), you will need 10 players in total. Glue them on cardboard (you can use the shoe cover which you don’t need). Cut them out.

You can also buy stickers of numbers and use them.

foo ball players template

Decorate with your favourite team colours? Not too sure how the jersey looks like? Google them on the internet.

Step 5: Attach Players to Stick

Using double side tapes, attached the players to the sticks like so. Wooden dowels are preferred because they don’t warp like plastic balloon sticks.

how to make foos ball table game

Add double sided tape on the inside of the player (picture show the part which we will put the stick.)

how to make foos ball table game

Put the players on the sticks. (1 for the goal keeper, 2 for the midfielders)

1 Team completed!

Step 6: Add stoppers and handles

Add stoppers and handles on the other side. You can use the excess cardboard which you have and wrap them around.

how to make foos ball table game

Oops… if you are not careful, a plastic stick can warp.

Step 7: Get a soccer ball

I found a keychain which has a rubber soccer ball. I cut off the keychain and tada, I have a soccer ball.

Step 8: Have fun!

DIY foos ball table

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