A fun family activity!

A fun family activity!

I was at Pasir Ris Park a few day ago on a rainy day and guess what I found? Some of nature’s treasures:

Can you spot the crab on the mudhill? You can have lots of fun trying to spot these shy creatures! If you are lucky, you may even see the mud lobsters, which are the creators of these ‘mudhills’.

I was wondering why this tree has lots of dead leaves hanging from its branches… Then I spotted the parents! These are actually cocoons!

Can you see the daddy moth? (Do you know how to tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly?) Mummy’s just behind him.

I am so lucky so see a rainbow! Do you know how rainbows are formed?
Along the way, I also spotted many many earthworms! Why are they out of their burrows when it rain?

Families can so much fun going on these cool outings with your kids. These definitely cannot be replaced by the books or television. (and asking your kids these questions. You can find the answers very easily on the internet. Let me know if you cannot find the answers.).
Be very observant about the surroundings and you can spot many nature’s wonders. It’s important to protect this fragile eco system, before it disappears!

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