A fun planting activity (and it’s green too!)

Planting can be very fruitful (sorry for the pun) and educational activity for the family. The type of fruits/plant depends on the space that you have. Some suggestions of plants that you can grow are (and in order of space needed):

  • Chilli
  • Lime
  • Mango

Chilli plants grow into small to medium sized bushes from half a metre to two metres tall. How big they get depends on the species and variety. My grandma used to have one that’s like 1 foot tall of chilli padi variety that she grew in a pot. Chilli likes the warm environment and don’t mind humidity so it’s great in Singapore!There’s lots of different kind of seeds that you can purchase from flower shops to grow on your own! Check them out and send in your photos of your latest green project to us!

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