Go on a food trail with your kids…

I know kids don’t eat much and don’t really care what they eat (most of the time at least!). One way to go on a food trail is to make it fun for the kids! Personally, I feel that architecture of old shophouses along Balestier Road has a lot of stories to tell. Hence you can make it like a treasure hunt for your kids! Ask your kids to look for:

  • A pillar with guards holding guns
  • A kiosk which dispense free water to people
  • Count the number of stalls that sell Bak kut Teh
  • Locate all the Tau Sar Piah stalls in the area
  • Find a charming restore building call “Old Place” (Lao Ti Fang)

When they are tired, you can always find food to nimble on. Continue your hunt once you are rested!You can find more information and ideas at http://www.ura.gov.sg/rediscoverSpore/pdf/balestier.pdf

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