Go to Kusu Island with your kids

Kusu Island or Tortoise Island is a small island off Singapore. I was really lucky to be able to go there because of an event.

Well, it’s a small island but it’s a great place to spend an idly time with your family. (Avoid the pilgrimage seasons when devotees go there in droves.) Bring a picnic basket and mat and set up tent by the beach! Kids can freely run around too.

You can tell your kids the legend of Kusu Island as you arrive at the Island. (Legend has it that a giant sea turtle turned into an island to save 2 shipwrecked sailors – a Malay and a Chinese. As an act of thanks, the two men built a Chinese temple, Malay shrine and a huge turtle sculpture on the island. Source: New Asia Singapore)

You can find more information like ferry information at http://www.wildsingapore.com/places/kusu.htm

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