Goodies Box

Goodies Box

Want a goodie bag that contains useful things for the children?

Mr. Bottle’s Goodie Box contains a host of stationary that your child and friends can use! Items includes 2 Pencils, Eraser, Hardcover Notebook (with creative activities inside for your kids!), Sharpener, Origami and more! You also get the invitation cards free too!
Cost: $4. (if you book our entertainment packages. Self collect/delivery fees applies.)

Usual Price: $10

Another advantage is that you only need to buy what you need! In other words, at the party you simply return the extras that you don’t need to Mr Bottle’s friends ! (Don’t we always organise a party where kids don’t turn up suddenly? Sometimes kids turn up with their siblings and you have no choice but to prepare extras!?) You don’t need to spend extra money on these and you can spend your budget on something else!
Let us know what you think of the goodies box!

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