If you think you can, you can!

In my students days, I was very inspired by this tagline: If you think you can, you can!

I think this has led me to do many things that I would think that would be impossible for me, like… becoming a magician!
A lot of people thinks that being a magician means resting at home from Monday to Friday and then suddenly we kick into action whenever there’s a show!
Unfortunately, no! There’s so much to do! From the rehearsal to practice, preparation to planning of routine, testing to improving them. I am created and invested lots of money (many in excess of thousands) on many routines, only to abandon the idea later because I didn’t feel that good about it.
Even for my Birthday Magic Show, I am still improving it; thinking of new methods after doing that show for years,. (The work in progress now is a new visual way to make the sugar appear.) Nevertheless, it gives me great joy to create them even if I were to give it up later.
For example, the current Recycling is Fun act is an idea from year 2000. I bought different types of mini trash bins in America and Hong Kong (because I couldn’t find any suitable ones in Singapore) to experiment when I had the idea, but only to make its debut in 2008. (More on the thought process of this routine next time!)

Mr Bottle doing the Recycling is Fun act
Of course, show business is business too! There’s administrative work to be done. We have to do sales and marketing. We have to meet clients, just like any other business! The only difference I guess is that I don’t really consider this work since I enjoy every part of it!
I just met a person, after I told him that I do magic, telling me, “Oh, so you don’t work…” How do I answer that question?! Even my parents were telling me when I graduated from University to find a “real job” first.
Anyway, work or not, I know that my magic and business revolves around me 24/7.
I remember in my students days when I am not a magician yet, when my friends are doing holiday jobs, earning money for their favourite brands, I am at home thinking and practising my magic. I wrote down in my diary that I want to become a magician.

If you think you can, you can.

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