Interactive Games

Perfect for children of various age group!

Tired of a boring party? Then get our interactive games to get all your guests going! We provide and design interactive games for children to make any event come alive!

Not only will participants on stage get to delight in the fun, the spectators will have a roaring good time watching it!

Why do you need a game master to run games for you when you can do so yourself?

If you have tried organising games yourself, then you know how difficult it can be to control children. Young children have short attention span so they will wander off after a while. Older children? If they think your games are ‘lame’, they won’t participate! So how to you organise games which are suitable?

Tip 1: Do not have elimination games for young children. If they are not occupied every minute of their time, they will be distracted to do other things. In other words, games like musical chairs are not suitable! A possible game is passing the parcel.

Tip 2: Make it interesting for the children! ‘Pass the parcel’ works so well because the game creates anticipation in every child.  For children between 6 and 9 years old, the outcome may not be as important as the journey itself. Create a lot of laughter in the game. For instance, you can be part of the game during pass the parcel and the music stops at you. You open up the parcel and it turns out to be a wig which you have to wear! OMG! Other children gets the great prizes and the next turn, you get a funny beard! arghh…

Tip 3: Children older than 9 years old likes to show to their peers that they are smarter, stronger and cooler. Hence competitive games are great! Create challenges like a minute to win it games for them to encourage each other.

Of course, there are many configurations and dynamics you may have to deal with in a birthday party. For instance, children at a party can have a wide age range. There may be distractions at the parties. There are moody children that day. You must learn how to spot the leader in the group. There are many factors which you can have take into account to run games successfully!

That is why sometimes it may be worth it to get an expert to come in to play games so that you have time to catch up with your guests!