It pays to work with us closely…

“We can see kids are really enjoying the magic shows that you have put up for them.. It’s educating & entertaining!

Of course on the adult game part we are disappointed that the winner on the first day did not go to the right person (NB: Unfortunately, some adults contestants cheated repeatedly, and the emcee didn’t notice it! We immediately went to rectify the problems that day.) but good to see that on the second day, it was more of a fair game.

Overall the sponsors and us are happy with Mr Bottle’s Kids Party! Also thanks for proving me right that I have chosen the right event entertainer!

Hope there will be chance to work with you in the future.” — Livewell —

The Livewell event was a success! Working closely with the organiser enable to understand the sponsor’s products better. We also did some product placement in our shows to show our appreciation.

Mr Bottle multiplied the H20 Alkaline water (which contains anti-oxidants.) while Marco made a bottle of Abbott’s MiniBear appear! (it contains vitamins from the vegetables.)

We also do customised shows for corporate sponsors. Go to or call us at 65155921 to chat with us on the possibilities!

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