Kids Friendly Restaurant 1

Kids Friendly Restaurant 1

Asian Market Cafe

It is not easy to find a Muslim restaurant in Singapore, needless to say a nice Muslim buffet restaurant. Hence, Asian Market Cafe is a very good selling point to all our Muslims here, as it is a Halal-certified Buffet Restaurant. Now you will have a place to dine with your Muslims kakis!
Located at Fairmont Singapore, Asian Market Cafe is located right at the hub of Singapore and it’s just a couple of minutes walk from City Hall MRT.
They serve Hi Tea Buffet on weekends for 4 hours, 12.30pm- 4.30pm! As compared to most other Hi Tea Buffet, which is only available from about 12pm – 3pm. This longer hours will attracts those who are working half-day on weekends or those who are only available to sit down to have a good meal during the later part of the afternoon.
The price is reasonable for the wide range of asian food; from appetisers, main course to DIY dessert stalls.
Asian Market Cafe is a kids friendly restaurant, they provide kids’ utensils, baby chairs and xbox game. Previously, they also have a small playground for the younger kids. As they have 2 units of xbox, we think that it would be great if they can retain the small playground and have 1 unit of xbox instead. Or maybe they can bring in some physical hands-on kids play, which will meet the needs for both the younger and older age group of kids. In addition, some parents might not be very supportive of their children to be exposed to too much computer games.
The restaurant also engages Mr Bottle’s Kids Party for Face Painting and Balloon Sculpting fringe activities every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. Not only the kids get entertained by our Twinkle Artist and N2, the Balloon Ranger, believe it or not, the adults and even the senior citizens also cannot withstand to the beauty of Face Painting and to get their favourite Balloon Sculpture from N2!

This is also a fantastic place to hold celebrations like Engagements, Birthday Parties as the restaurant has a large sitting capacity and also a private corner ideal for bookings. If your celebrations happens to be during the time where the fringe activities are being held, you and your guests will get to enjoy Face Painting or Balloon Sculpting absolutely FREE!

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