Kids Friendly Restaurant 2

Kids Friendly Restaurant 2

Checkers Brasserie

The long opening hours (from 6am to 11pm) is the number one highlight of Checkers Brasserie International Buffet Restaurant @ Hilton Singapore. Other than phone bookings, online reservation is available to ensure a place before your visit.
The semi-circular restaurant stations its different categories of food at the sides, and as well as at the center of the restaurant in a systematic manner. Unlike other international buffet restaurants, at Checkers Brasserie, other than the self-picked buffet, one can order unlimited main courses of your choice, ranging from western food to famous local delicacies.
Checkers Brasserie’s Sunday Champagne Brunch (12pm to 3pm), is the most popular of all, as kids under 6 years of age dine for FREE! In addition, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of Fringe Activities from Mr Bottle’s Kids Party @ 12.30pm to 2.30pm, ranging from Close-up Magic, Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting, Caricature, Arts & Craft, Air-brush Tattoo, Stick-on Tattoo to Mascot. The restaurant also has a cosy and comfortable kids corner at the entrance of the restaurant. Kids movies and computer games are available to keep the little ones busy, and at the same time, to give the adults a break!

The ambience of the restauant is sort of romantic and suitable for couples. However, the restaurant markets by offering free dine for kids and fringe activities for Sunday Brunch. In addition, even on a Sunday afternoon, you can also see some businessmen holding discussions at the restaurant, hence it seems a bit contridicting who’s their main target group.
The restaurant also is more quiet than most other buffet restaurants out there, moreover Hilton Singapore is situated right along Orchard Road. We guessed the restaurant requires more publicity to make the restaurant more well-known.

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