Kids Says the Darnest Things

Mr Bottle: I love that show by Bill Cosby… I also love talking to children. They are just so funny! Here are some funny bits:

  • We did twins Zach and Ally’s birthday last weekend and this is what Zach went home and told his dad, “Mr bottle is funnier than you.”
  • Here’s another one:Mr Bottle: “Which character do you like best?”
    Kid: “Spiderman…”
    Mr Bottle: “Why?”
    Kid: “because he eats bugs…”
  • We were organising a Bring Your Kids To Work Party at a bank and:Group President: “…. your mummy and daddy work more than 40 hours here in the office every week and…. ”
    Kid: “How many minutes is that?” 

Will bring you more next time!!

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