Let children help others during birthday parties, family days and Bring Your Kids to Work. Educate them and inculcate the right values at your events; you can have fun and help others at the same time! 

Looking for the right charity for your family day or bring your kids to work event? 


We don’t just ask a charity to set up booth at your family day event or bring your children to work. We customise and create the event to include the charity and to meet your CSR objectives if possible.

For instance, in our Around the World theme event, we brought in World Vision and included their booth as one of the pit stops for the amazing race game so children can learn more and help the charity.

In our Entrepreneurship themed event at Changi City Point, our charity becomes a bank in which parents can change (donate) real money for pseudo ones so they can purchase items which their children has made. It also showcases how merchandises of Very Special Arts‘ clients can be adapted from their art pieces. 

Email us for more information on how these simple acts can make a difference to your parties / events. 

For birthday parties, we have teamed up with social enterprises to make your birthday party organising easier!


gift it forward logo

Gift-It-Forward is an online invitation platform that helps you plan parties with a charitable twist.  By sending your invitations through this service, you can choose a dream gift to save for (like a bicycle for a kid, a day at the spa for a lady) and choose a charity to support from our list of partners.  And instead of people bringing individual gifts to your party, they can give a monetary gift in the amount that they would normally spend on a gift, and contribute through the website to a gift fund.  Gift-It-Forward pools together all the contributions and split them between your gift and your charity.  Now that’s something to celebrate!

Operation Hope Foundation

The OHF story is one of a hands-on charity that is conscious of the benefit-to-cost ratio where it weighs the benefits received by the poor to the cost of providing that benefit. OHF want to focus on both the WHAT and HOW to ensure donations are properly used. This requires a heavy dose of micro-management to set up procedures and reporting protocols. There can be no MACRO MANAGEMENT with no MICRO MANAGEMENT in place! Robert, the founder, brings his years of experience as an entrepreneur and running his own companies to enable OHF to operate effectively and efficiently. It does not rely solely on reports but a SYSTEM of reports, procedures and field visits that ensures proper expenditure and detects fraud.

You and your children can help but asking them for a donation box. Ask your guests to donate in lieu of presents and pass the box back to OHF after the party. Let your children understand who this is for and how their money can help people in another country in a special way. 

Kien (Mr Bottle) firmly believes in developing young minds as well as helping others and the world. Other than performing magic for charities occasionally, he also uses his business to help others too. In his student days, he started the Healing of Magic programme in Singapore and held leadership position in NUSSU SAVE (Students Violation of the Earth) and Youth Environment Network. He once held the Guiness Record for the largest sheet of recycled paper to raise awareness for environmental issues. His children help different charities every year.