MediaCorp Channel 8 TV Production Seeks Collaboratio

A Chinese documentary series called Our Children, a joint project between MDA and CETV (China Education Television), aims to offer an insight into the lives of children in Singapore and China- how the educational, social and family support systems nurture and influence them on a personal level. The series will be aired both in Singapore and China late this year.Out of a total of 10 episodes, one episode will be on children birthday celebrations. For this ep, we are hoping to feature 3 children ( of age 12 years and below ) celebrating their birthdays in 3 different ways (extravagant / DIY creative / giving and sharing).It is in this light that I’d like to ask if anyone would like to be featured in this series. We are looking for a Mandarin-speaking Singaporean family that is planning to hold a grand party for the child, preferably between late April to June. Ideally the parents should be very enthusiastic and very actively involved in the planning of it, making sure that their child will be the happiest kid that day. The party should be of a considerable size, with plenty of food, games and of course your magic show.Filming includes the planning process, the actual day event and the interviews of family members (including the birthday child). For more information, contact us at

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