Motivating Students Using Magic

“Every setback is a setup for a comeback.”
Nothing is impossible tedtalk to inspire children

Nothing is impossible tedtalk to inspire children

Mr Bottle not only performed magic but also just did a presentation of his “Nothing is Impossible” talk for Greendale Primary School children’s day assembly programme! We are so happy that some of them took the effort to message us. From the look of it, they like the magic and we inspired some of the 400-500 children. The presentation is an 18min TEDtalk-like fun presentation targeted towards children to not give up and to do amazing things! Mr Bottle shared his personal stories of how he achieved my dreams of becoming a magician and how kids can do their own “magic” to achieve their goals:

  • Write down your dreams/ goals. (Belief)
  • Take baby steps to achieve them. (Strategise / Plan)
  • Take actions
  • Do not give up. (Failure = feedback)
  • Try alternative methods if necessary.
  • Try again (Take massive actions)

Of course, this is done in a fun and interactive way so children can remember the content!

These days, high societal expectations and school stress result in increasing rates of depression amongst young children, growing teens and even young parents!

It is the Mission of Mr Bottle’s to turn all impossibles to the possibles, flip destructive feelings into constructive growth mindset, empower entire families to look at life with glowing radiance with this omnipotent energizing mantra of “Nothing Is Impossible!”

This program is available to any events, boot camps or schools because we hope to inspire more people! This is combined with the magic show, Magic in a Bottle show in which clients spent thousands of dollar and flew Mr Bottle all over the world to perform!

If you want to change the world, start in the mindset of children and some super power morale boosting using the Story of Mr Bottle!

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen!

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