Mr Bottle in Shanghai!

Mr Bottle in Shanghai!

Mr Bottle was in Shanghai recently during China’s Golden Week to perform for 9 days at Happy Valley magic festival, together with international magicians!

Here’s Valerie and Gilles from Switzerland and France!

My buddy, Huang Junjie, who is the winner of Big Brother Variety Show! We had so much fun that we decided to do each other’s acts on the last day of our performance!

With Albert Tam from Hong Kong!

Famous Illusionists, Franz Harary who design illusions for Michael Jackson and David Copperfield.

Shanghai magicians are there too! We had a sumptuous dinner then at a 40-seater table, the biggest and grandest I have ever seen!

I even had a great chance to visit the Shanghai World Expo 2010. (Let me know if anyone needs some tips!)

Of course, I got to visit some of the landmarks of Shanghai! I will show you some of the videos of the press conference as well performance photos soon!

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