Did you miss our April Fool’s joke: Mr Bottle to become a full time palaeontologist.

Did you miss our April Fool’s joke: Mr Bottle to become a full time palaeontologist.


Mr Bottle performing for international celebrity grasshopper.

Breaking news: Mr Bottle’s Kids Party has just announced that Mr Bottle will retire from being a magician, a ‘career’ which he has have for the past 15 years to become a full time palaeontologist.

It comes as a shock to many clients. One parent commented that she books Mr Bottle every year for the past 10 years, so she is at a loss now. “I am not sure where I can find a magician who can replace him! My child cannot do without him!” say Ms May Lau, 37, in an interview.

Fossils and dinosaurs on display at Harbourfront Centre

Mr Bottle hopes to pursue his other interests and become a palaeontologist. He was in NUS’ University Scholars Programme (USP) in which he took a minor in palaeontology and environmental biology. This sparked his interest in dinosaurs. His enthusiasm in dinosaurs was rekindled when he  conceptualised and organised Jurassic Jamboree at Harbourfront Centre recently.

Jurassic Jamboree at Harbourfront Centre

It is there where he met many dinosaurs enthusiasts and fossil collectors and decided to put what he studied to good use by doing this full time and joining them on digs at places like Tasmania, Australia and Montana, USA.

Mr Bottle’s 5 storey tall poster in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia.

When asked about this shocking decision, Mr Bottle says that the magic market is becoming too competitive and it is about time he moves on. When asked about the viability of becoming a full time palaeontologist, he explained, “when I became a magician, it was to pursue my dreams! Now that my dreams have been fulfilled which even gave me a chance to travel all around the world, it is about time to try something else which I am interested in.” When asked about his future plans, he says that he may perform again only if the right deal comes along; like an overseas gig perhaps in Inner Mongolia where you can find a lot of dinosaurs. He will also continue to organise dinosaurs exhibits at shopping malls and other venues all around the world to educate the public about fossils and dinosaurs.

Famous magician specializing in performing for children from New York, Silly Billy commented, “It is a loss to the children’s magic scene; only with good children magician like Mr Bottle, then parents will continue booking magic shows.” He added that kids magic scene probably will not be able to find anyone in Singapore to replace a creative magician like Mr Bottle.

President of the Society of American Magicians, Kenrick ‘Ice’ McDonald

Even the current President of the Society of American Magicians, Kenrick ‘Ice’ McDonald expressed disappointment in Mr Bottle’s decision. What he says summarize what most hope for: “He did a fantastic show for the public and lecture for magicians when he was in Philadelphia! I hope Mr Bottle will reconsider his decision.”

This news was reprint from the international magic journal, The Key Ring; 1st April issue.

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