My First Magic 4: My Library Books

I continued learning magic tricks through whatever means I can. There wasn’t any internet then.
I remembered that the National Library Board has a Book Suggestion scheme in which you can suggest a book that you want to borrow and they will try to get it. I did that. In secondary school, I did the same thing.
I was happy that by the time I was in upper primary, Jurong East Library has opened and they stocked a series of magic books, mostly by this author call James W Baker.
Despite not eating during my canteen break and saving up 20 cents pocket money, (I didn’t want to spend as my parents has inculcated a habit of saving and I can see that earning money is not easy for them.) I didn’t even want to spend the money to buy new magic props. The book was just right for me because it made use of everyday objects. In fact, I didn’t even want to spend that money on photocopying the book, which I could have, instead, I copied WORD for WORD onto a book for those magic I like and made my own Magic Book.
I was and will always be grateful to James W Baker. In 2003, I credited him in after I published my original creations on a column call “One Man Parade” in the Linking Ring, a publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. And lo and behold, he emailed me.
Can you imagine a childhood hero emailing you? It was an incredible moment. We had a short chat over email and I promised that I will visit him hopefully at the next magic convention. That chance never came. He just passed away early this year.
In Feb 2006, his only and last “One Man Parade” was published. Deep inside, I was hoping that I inspired him to do so. He always is an important part of life.

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