My First Magic 5: My First Magic Kits

My first magic kit was probably bought from a shop in Marina Square. Someone was demonstrating the magic and I think my parents were very surprised with the outcome. So they bought the set which has 2 magic inside it.
I had lots of fun playing with them. (Although as a kid, I find one of them almost impossible to do!) I have sort of graduated from a homemade magic to something… different!
Then later, a pepsi has this promotion which was giving away free magic tricks whenever you buy lots of drinks. My dad managed to get his hand on quite a few and I think I almost collect 70% of what they offered. Suddenly, my repertoire of magic increased! I would play them over and over again.
Finally, probably the most expensive magic kit I had that I finally got in Primary 6 was this $19 set from Gician’s Novelty. $19 then was A LOT of money. I didn’t buy it myself. My parents would NEVER EVER buy it for me. My aunt and uncle, who brought me to this exhibition at World Trade Centre, bought one for me and one for my cousin. (Ironically, Gician became a very good friend, whom I go magic conventions with and he is performing for our company now!) She went on to give another bigger magic set that year again.
My aunt has always been very supportive of my magic hobby. Even now, she knows that I do not have cable TV so she will record the magic shows on CD and pass them to me.
My cousin never become a magician, I did! Perhaps that $19 was a good investment.

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