My First Magic 6: My Magic Books

Other than the books I copied from the library, I wrote down magic books on my own. I also created and adapted magic of my own. Some of them, looking back, was quite nonsensical and some, interestingly, works, including those which I put some thinking into the choreography and blocking of the magician!
I also recorded the secrets of the magic tricks that I have guessed on television, concerts and shows. In other words I had a lot of “Nothing” books! (My mother was a kindergarten teacher until I was about 5 years old so she had a lot of empty books for me to write and paste things on.)

Mad Book of Magic!
An elaborate magic trick on stage with just a coin!
My own script about Flying: ‘Name me a thing that flies. Yes, birds aeroplane. Who build the first aeroplane. Wright. (Ok, ok, I didn’t have that pun then.) Name me a thing that floats in the air. Yes, a hotair balloon. There’s one more thing that float: it’s this stick. Now don’t blink your eyes, you are about to…. erm, I see two boys did as I told them. They did not blink their eyes, they close them! Now really look closely.’
I experimented and made a stick float in the air when I was twelve years old. (That was some time before David Copperfield floated!)

This entry is after watching Princess Tenko perform on TV or live probably! (Oh, I love magic so much, that I bought a ticket to watch her and gatecrash a 2nd time to watch her again! Tickets are expensive even though she came in my secondary school days!)

The secret of how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. On the bottom of the page, I made a cheesy joke of why the statue is that of the lady, not man, or else there would be a smell from the armpit that’s carrying the torch.

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