My First Magic

I didn’t come from a well-to-do family, neither was I poor. My dad works in a Japanese company but my parents supplement the household income by teaching tuition at night. (They did this since I was probably a baby until I am in University. I told them to take a break as I was beginning to earn enough to give them some money. I stopped taking pocket money since Junior College, but that’s another story!) So technically, I didn’t have tuition at all, except from my parents!
So all my magic are pretty much self-taught, read, home-made. I didn’t really buy much magic when I was young! Here are some of the items made of toothpaste boxes and matchboxes.

One of my first magic that I learnt, was from a calendar that teaches very simple magic. I can make a pen, wand, etc stick on my hand without glue, tape, etc (Learn it from the video below)!
Another one was how I can make a knot disappear. I tried it using the string of my bolster. I was a kid, I think these were magical!
I would perform my new magic for anyone who wants to see it…
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