Mystery theme party:

Does your children like murder mystery books or CSI television show? Are you have a mystery, detective or even police theme party? This party specially designed for the older children from 8 years old and above, centred on a very challenging detective game they have to solve.

 As they complete each activity, they earn rewards in ‘cash’, to be the best detective of the day!

Get the following package for only $1400 $880. (package for 12 pax); additional $38/pax.

1. Decorations

  • Detective themed Banner
  • Mug shot background
  • ‘Caution’ yellow and black tape at the gates or entrance
  • Set up of crime scenes for “Who stole the Birthday Cake” game.
Crime scene set up

Crime scene set up

2. Invite

  • Get a customised e-invitation card with name, age and even picture to email or Whatapp to your friends!
  • Top up $120 to get our designers to create a very cool customised mystery invitation card in which your guests have to try to figure out the venue of the party!

3. Costume and Photo Props

Dress in one of our detective costume or become the detective of the year by using one of photo props.

4. Polarid Photos

Have your mug shot taken? Have your instant photo taken to remember your internship as a detective.

5. Fringe Activity

Choose one activity (1hr):

  • Famous paintings like the Son of Man have been switched for fake ones. Can you find the real from the fake? This is a game which adults will also be playing with the children! (Items will be there throughout the party.)
  • Children make their own customised detective badge.
  • Create your own ‘ransome’ note for the birthday child and let him or her guess which one is yours.

6. Workshop

Detective Training (20min) – Learn about the science behind invisible ink and how unique your thumbprint

7. Main Activity

Who stole the Birthday Cake (50min)

Developed exclusively by Mr Bottle’s Kids Party, this exclusive game requires critical thinking using clues from the stations provided. They have to figure out who, how and why the birthday cake.

Story can be customised to fit your own story at additional costs. For instance, do you have your daddy to be the thief? The suspects are the adults at the party? Involve guests and make them wear costumes to make it fun!

8. Cake Cutting Ceremony

Found your birthday cake? Let our chief detective lead you in the cake cutting ceremony.

8.5. Guess the ransom note game.*

* available only if you opt for the ransom note option above.

The birthday child to goes through the ransom notes and try to guess who wrote what. Are they able to compete to win more money against each other?

9. Goodies Bags

All the detectives get to bring home loot bags with customised tags. Using the money which they earned earlier, they can purchase their favourite items for their loot bags:

  • Magnifying Glass
  • Torch
  • Hardcover notebook
  • Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Magic Sets

Bring home their earning in a classy paper bag, with their detective badge and polaroid photo.

Science Show suitable for older children.

Recommended Add-ons

  • Magic Show (30min) – Add to the mystery by booking our magic show.
  • Science Show (30min) –  Learn Scientific principles and maybe you can find a link to your detective work.
  • Caricature (1hr) – Draw yourself as a criminal, detective or police.