5 Hacks to celebrate your National Day or F1 this Aug/Sep

Singapore National Day and Singapore Grand Prix F1 is just around the corner so we want to share some amazing ideas with our clients and readers.

1.Invite your families and clients to the office

Most of the people cannot get tickets this year since Padang has limited capacity, this is a great way to recreate the atmosphere at the parade. We had some clients asking us in the past inviting families and their clients to their office to enjoy NDP or F1 together! We thought, “What a brilliant idea to bring everyone together!”

Use the projector in your office so you have a gigantic screen to watch the NDP/F1 together. Of course, you can probably even watch the action from your office buildings.

colorful fireworks on black-sky

colorful fireworks on black-sky

Of course, if your building is just right next to Padang, then you will get to enjoy the highlight: fireworks. Watching a F1 race from your office is much more baby and child-friendly too!

2. Keep the kids occupied!

So you have invited your guests. What’s next? Offices in general are not very friendly for children. Indeed, children will find things to entertain themselves after a while. They are creative so they will find all sorts of games to play themselves. However, the common games kids will play are ‘tag’ or ‘hide and seek’ among the rows and rows of cubicle. If you smell danger, you are right!

Hence, I suggest some organised play if possible! Children’s attention span are short so you can bring various games for children to go from station to station.

Another great game can be iSpy game in which children try to find the different buildings in Singapore’s skyline.

For younger children, you can have a colouring station. Download our Singapore National Day colouring sheet here and organise your own colouring competition! (Yes, make use of your office printer! Print them on recycled paper.)

NDP BW Colouring artwork download

NDP BW Colouring artwork download

If budget allows, then it is essential to have some fringe activities like balloon sculpting and facepainting to warm the crowd up and get everyone in the mood for the celebrations.

3. Snacks

Because the event is in your office, make use of the office facilities in your pantry. For instance, instead of spending your money on a live popcorn station, buy some microwave popcorn and you will have piping hot snacks in a few minutes. If your office is in a mall or near a cinema, just grab a few bags at the box office or a popcorn shop like Garrett.

Relive the olden days with some traditional snacks like kachang puteh by buying assortment of nuts from your nearby supermarket. Use the paper from your recycling pile. You can even teach the children how to roll their own paper cones:



4. Nap room

If you have a (meeting) room in which you can dim the lights and set up mats for younger children and babies to rest, this is much appreciated by the parents!

Have this room away from screaming children so families can join in this event without worrying about the children’s getting tired.

5. Marketing!

I leave this for last bit for a good reason! Eventually, the more people come, the more fun it will be! Attract them with the interesting programme which you are providing. (Beer and wine may help too!) A short 2-3 hour event is a great idea for your colleagues and clients with families will help understand each other better and foster deeper relationship.

Mr bottle getting a kiss from an audience member after his show at the mall

Mr Bottle getting a kiss from an audience member.

Need more ideas for entertainment? Download our National Day/ F1 Entertainment kit to customise and book items suitable for your event.



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