Pan Pacific Family Day 3rd Oct 2009

Pan Pacific Family Day 3rd Oct 2009

Hi All!

Here are the pictures as promised! You guys at Pan Pac were FANTASTIC. We had fun and we sure hope you did too!

Mr Teddy!

Jasmine and Mr. Teddy!

Sand Art!

Nice plane Titus!

Colourful house of Kenneth and Iden

Boys do serious work.

Great Dolphine by Mohnish.

Iden the great artist at work!

Face Paintings!
Sylvia getting her painting
Ling Yi’s pretty “tatoo”

Cute rabbit of Charmaine’s

Adults can have fun too!

N2 the Balloon Ranger!

The minnie-nanny and Lick-a-liciou Lollipop-N2 (that’s what jasmine calls me) ready to blast off!


Marco with his MAGIC:

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