Praises for Mr Bottle

Dear Mr Bottle

I was just beginning to draft an email to Pamela (marketing) to help convey my heartfelt thanks to you for putting up such a fabulous show for my Asher last Saturday. Your show lingers in our mind even now.

What other parents have posted on the web is true – your company is indeed reliable and high standards is assured. We were all pleased with the service you have rendered.

Just like many parents who embark on throwing a party for their kids, we were concerned about making the party entertaining for both the kids and adults, and also to make the party a special one for our son. It was a trying journey looking for a company to run a magic show and provide some other forms of entertainment such as balloon sculpting, face painting etc. The main worry was to engage someone who doesn’t turn up promptly, deliver less-than-satisfactory service or worse, make us lose face for being too corny, impatient etc.

The good feeling I got from your company started when I began corresponding with Pamela, your marketing agent, about the range of services your company provides. Pamela is not only pleasant to talk to, she is also patient and forthcoming in helping me understand the services your company provides thus enabling me to make informed decision on the package to sign up for. She even helped me find out where to get the Spongebob pinata for the party and after checking with a few stores, that was the last one available in Singapore!

Then, came the party. Right from the moment we met, it was a comfortable and reassuring feeling to have engaged you for the party. You were so patient with the rowdy kids and professional in your magic tricks and balloon sculpting that there was none at the party who was not awed by you. What impressed me most was how you helped me settle the kids when I was still busy setting up the party and later coordinated with my timing to make the entertainment captivating for everyone.

What I like is your personalised service. Not only are you good in your balloon sculpting and magic tricks, you were able to account for every kid at the party and approached them to ‘place an order’ for a balloon sculpture. That was beyond my expectation as I was about to do so for you. In addition, during the show, I could see very clearly how you handle the emotional aspects of our young audience and not to turn their into a laughing stock for the adults. As I am someone who research much into child psychology, I am very particular about ensuring every kid’s physical and emotional welfare is taken care of. You have demonstrated much understanding of child psychology through your treatment towards them: gently managing the active ones; constantly encouraging the shy ones; and patiently answering the inquisitive ones.

You have simply managed to take care of the young and old at the party and everyone sang praises about you that night after you left. Now my younger son, Benedict, has already told me that he wants you for his 8-year-old party and we do not know if he can so that long to see you again. =)

It has been a great pleasure meeting you.

Best regards

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