Themed Birthday Party 1

Themed Birthday Party 1

Angry Bird Themed Birthday Party

Themed Birthday Party is very widespread since the past few years. The themes changes according to the trend. Hence kids nowadays usually will have a different theme for their birthday party every year. It’s pretty common that way 6 months before their birthday, the kid would have Already Decided on the theme for his/her own birthday!
In this post, we shall share some ideas for Angry Bird Themed Birthday Party.

1) Decorations

If you have stage performance/s for your party, Stage Decorations will be great when taking photos. Like the Customized Banner, Angry Pig Shooting, Tree and Bushes at the Stage.

Other decorations also include Angry Bird Sling Shot Column, Angry Bird Centrepiece and Hanging Angry Birds and sticking Angry Pigs around the room.


You can even customize the helium balloons to Angry Bird theme. By providing stickers in which children can paste it’s hair, eye brown, eyes & beak. Easy yet creative!


2) Entertainment

Mr Bottle has a customized Angry Bird Magic Show.  
Other than our standard Interactive Games, Mr Bottle’s Kids Party can also customize the games to Angry Bird theme!

Include Angry Bird Shooting, Angry Bird Basketball & Angry Bird Golf Carnival Games to your party.
The drawing paper as well as the drawing itself can be customize to Angry Bird theme too.
Renting or even buying Angry Bird mascots and having them taking care at each station can be a great idea!

f) Pinata
Not only can you get an Angry Bird design piñata, you can also put Angry Bird related stuff into it. E.g. Angry Bird cupcake rings, blowout, stickers, stick-on tattoo, pencils, erasers, sharpener, paper clips etc.

3) Food and Cake

Change the drink bottle & food labels to Angry Bird theme is one idea you can consider. Angry Bird-shaped candies and cake is another suggestion for this theme.

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