Case Study: Under the Sea Family Day

Case Study: Under the Sea Family Day

“Our children have commented to their parents that last weekend was their best family day to date with us. Of course, all the adults enjoyed your show too. Thank you for staging a wonderful show.”
Under the sea family day

Under the sea family day

This is a #throwback on one of the family days we did back in 2005. (Yes, we have been around for some time.)

Mr Bottle’s Kids Party conceived and executed the whole event. Since the event was to be held at the Waterfront Lawn Area of Rasa Sentosa, and has a wonderful view of the sea, we decided on the theme “Under The Sea”.

No details were spared in planning the family day, making sure that everything adhere to the theme and everyone would have a wonderful and memorable experience. We wanted to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Fishbone

Entertainment would start officially only at 7pm. We expected most guests (46 adults and 38 children) to come at about 6:30pm or even earlier. We wanted the guests to experience “Under the Sea theme”, even before they stepped into the event venue. We wanted the guests to say “Wow!” when they were entering the “ocean” area hence we plan the following:

Directional signs – We specially designed the directional signs to fit into “Under The Sea Theme”.

Balloon Decorations – ” Underwater Coral” Balloon Archway created a stunning ocean entryway. Balloon columns were used for the stage area to create a secondary focal point. To create the illusion of bubbles in an ocean, clear helium balloons were used around the place. We also used microfoil stars and blue balloons to brighten the place up.

Table Cloth – We specially requested the hotel to use blue table cloth so it fits into the colour scheme.

Reception Table – The reception table cloth were also blue which we decorated with seashells. To top it off, balloon sculptures of a sea turtle, seahorse and lobsters were on display.

She Sells Seashells on the Seashore – We created this game “She sells seashells on the seashore”. The guests can play this game as they arrive and the results are revealed at the end of the day.

Sweets – Sweets in fish design wrapping papers were put in a seashell container for guests to take.

Bubble Machines – To further create an “under the sea” experience, we had bubble machine blowing bubbles.

Music – Sea-related music were played in the background to suit the whole atmosphere.

Fringe Activities Tables – They were also decorated with seashells and used a different coloured table cloth so as to stand out from the rest of the tables.

Photographer – A polaroid photographer was around to take photos throughout the party so guests, who didn’t have a camera, were still able to capture the wonderful memories and bring home a priceless souvenir. (Yes, there weren’t camera phone then!!! Can you imagine??!??!)

The Fins (Fringe Shows)

Balloon Sculpting – Our balloon sculptor made fishes, sea turtles, sea “flowers”, and other things requested for to get the audience into the mood of Under the Sea!

Facepainting – Our artists specially prepared and drew sea related designs, like starfish, jellyfish and octopus on children and adults’ hands and faces!.

Caricature – Our guests brought home a souvenir of their caricature of mermaid, sailors or even King Neptune. We specially ask our artist to predraw some of them to cut down time as well as to show what are the possible “Under the Sea” theme. (It is so popular that our artist stayed for 2 extra hours!)

Mascots – Our mascot clown fish and dolphin roam around the party area to interact with the guests. Guests took photos to bring home good memories of their events.

Colouring* – For the younger children, we prepared “Under the Sea” colouring sheets for them.

The Fish Body (Stage Shows)

Magic Show – Mr Bottle put up the ImagineMagic Show for the audience with great response.

“Under the Sea” Interactive Games – Mr Bottle played games like “Fish, Crab and Shark”, “Who has the lungs of a Fish?”, “Sea and Land”, etc with the audience.

Prizes – They are specially wrapped in blue wrapping paper so it will adhere to the colour scheme.

Ground Sheets – We brought our own ground sheets as the hotel do not have them so the children can sit on the ground in case the grass is wet. (And you guessed it, it is blue.)

Lighting – Concerned with the low light condition when the show was to start at 8pm, we ensured that there were ample lighting provided by the hotel when appropriate.

The Tail

Goodie Bags – To top it off, themed goodie bags with items like bubble solution are given to every child.

Balloon Giveaway – Everyone had great fun separating the balloons to bring them back to their room.


How would we have done differently if it is now? We have advanced a lot in decorations systems. We have a lot more quirky concepts in planning an event.  If you are planning an Under the Sea birthday party, contact us for a proposal.

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