6 Great DIY Ideas for Magic Theme Party

6 Great DIY Ideas for Magic Theme Party

1. Use red, black and white!

Magic is commonly associated with red, black and white because of the poker cards!


2. Use Cards a decorations

Cards and cloth with card prints are easily accessible so use them as part of the decorations:

3. Magic Potion

Want some magic? Drink some potion then:

Bandung lookalike Pink Magic Potion

4. Card Chocolates

Print on a printer a chocolate sleeve and slot them into the long flat chocolates. Give them as part of the goodie boxes or for your candy buffet table.

5. Use black and white food

Use items like black and white M&Ms for your candy buffet. You can even have fruits like strawberry (red heart), black grapes (black) and raspberry for healthier option. Add a soft toy rabbit as a final touch.

6. Disappearing Food

It is a nice touch to customise your food to suit your theme! You can have items like ‘Carrots for Magician’s Rabbits and bounce-no bounce meatballs (injoke for magicians). What we really love is this:

Yup, it’s all gone! I told you they are vanishing…

All the best for your magic theme party! Don’t forgot to book Mr Bottle’s Birthday Magic Show for your kids too! We have a full magic theme package with workshops, show, decorations, goodie boxes and more!

Lots of surprises in Mr Bottle’s Magic Show!


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