Candy Buffet / Dessert Buffet

Why are candy buffet or dessert buffet decorations? Because we don’t just provide the food, we feel that the whole experience must be value-added with themed designs, banners, standees, balloons and to enhance these sweet food.

Transport theme candy buffet

My Little Pony candy buffet

Under the sea theme candy buffet

Choice of candy and food

Choice of candy / dessert (includes customisation):

  • Rosette cupcakes
  • Cake pops
  • Cookies
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Popcorn
  • Rosette mini cakes
  • Choc covered strawberries
  • Mango pudding / Jelly
  • Mineral water / Bottled drinks
  • Packaged snacks
  • Pretzels
Package A: $980 (for 15 pax or less)

Please choose:

  1. Small cake (1kg) + 4 desserts  + Mineral Water
  2. 6 desserts + Mineral Water
Package B: $1200 (for 20 pax or less)

Please choose:

  1. Medium size cake (2kg) + 5 desserts  + Mineral Water
  2. 7 desserts + Mineral Water
Package C: $1500 (for 30 pax or less)

Please choose:

  1. Large / 3D cake  (3kg) + 6 desserts  + Mineral Water
  2. 8 desserts + Mineral Water

Additional to the desserts mentioned above, the packages include:

  1. Decorative props / lightbox /
  2. Table cloth/ Skirting
  3. 2D Backdrop (1.9 x 1.4m)

Price may defer based on design with additional standees, decorative items, 3D backdrop, balloon decor, etc.

A la carte orders are possible too. Order only the items you want. See more themes on our Facebook.

Optionals include additional standees, helium balloons / balloon decorations and other ala carte orders.

Email us with your requirements and budget for your own unique customised dessert bar/candy buffet/sweets table!