What are themed scenery? These are great photo area for your guests to take photos! We have all types of solutions from the economical banners to more elaborate 3D backdrop. These can be on stage, for the photo booth or just an area for people to take photos.

We can also produce/rent 3D props for bigger events.

Flat Panel Style

Dinosaur Theme Backdrop

A 3D looking backdrop which is perfect for a dinosaur theme party!

Christmas themed backdrop

Contains Santa, reindeer, fireplace, etc as photo backdrop

Christmas themed backdrop

A classy snow house backdrop

Paw Patrol themed backdrop

Under the sea theme backdrop

3D Style

Thomas Train themed backdrop

Cars themed backdrop

Jungle theme backdrop

Winter / South Pole themed backdrop

Winter / South Pole themed backdrop

Under the sea theme backdrop

Pokemon themed backdrop

Paw Patrol themed backdrop

My Little Pony

Angry bird themed backdrop

Beauty and the Beast themed backdrop

Frozen themed backdrop

A customised frozen themed backdrop for the dessert buffet.

Standee Style

Alice in wonderland directional sign

Christmas Welcome Sign

Cute christmas sign with penguin, polar bear and moose.

My little pony standee

Toys Story Standee


We also design props for display. We can make your themed props made of fibreglass, styrofoam, etc.

Halloween themed props

Digger Prop

A digger /excavator for birthday parties! Made of cardboard, this digger is perfect for phototaking and complement your candy buffet.

Under the sea theme backdrop

Also available in 3D style

Lifesize dinosaurs props

Realistic looking dinosaurs for a shopping mall event.

Ice castle of Elsa