My namecard

My namecard

Have you seen the namecard magic by me(Mr Bottle)? (see above)I was at Cleavant’s party at the Carribean, while I was setting up for the show, 2 girls aged about 13-15 asked me for my namecard magic (REPEATEDLY!). That’s not the surprising thing. The surprising thing was that, they have NEVER seen me before! Apparently, their classmate told them about the magic. There were at least 4 more requests for this magic effect thereafter…. from the adults!If you have never seen it, I won’t spoil your surprise by telling you. If you do see me around, do remember to ask me for this and I will love to show you (as long as I am not rushing for shows or in the toilet.)Talking about toilet, someone did request for some magic when I was in the toilet at the Grand Copthorne last Sunday. Luckily, we were about to leave the toilet already… 🙂 Although it was already passed my “working hours”, I had great time performing some magic for him and his friends. (Not in the toilet, of course.)Hope to see you next Weekend at our shows!Mr Bottle, signing off….
May your dreams come true.

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  • Posted 21st June 2008


    You need to show me!

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