Under the Sea Party Theme Party

Whether it is a marine theme party, mermaid theme party, under the sea theme party, shark theme party, Mr Bottle’s Kids Party got it covered! Sail through with a breeze with our package which includes decorations, entertainment, fringe activities and more!

Book this under the sea theme party package for only $989!

1. Under the Sea Decorations

Create under the sea atmosphere with our balloon decorations. What you get:

  • Seaweed Balloon columns  (1m tall) x 2
  • Helium balloons (30pcs) Choose different colours for the helium balloons depending on what you want to show:
    • Choose transparent balloons to depict bubbles in an ocean.
    • Choose blue and white balloons to show colours of the waters.
  • Under the Sea themed microfoil balloon bouquet  (Various design available, enquire for more information)
  • Rental of inflatable dolphin
  • Rental of inflatable whale

2. Fringe Activity

Octopus balloonsChoose one of the following:

Kid in Bubble

nemo and dori

Nemo and Dory Balloon Sculpting


Turtle Balloon Sculpture

3. Main Activity

Clown fish masot

Clown fish masot

While waiting for all your guests to arrive at your roaring good party, have some fringe activities to keep the children occupied.

Choose one of the following (Mascot inclusive of mascot talent & guide) :

  • Shark Mascot (1hr) – Love the song ‘baby shark’? This mascot is perfect for your party
  • Dolphin Mascot (1hr) – Children just loves this intelligent marine creature.
  • Clownfish Mascot (1hr) – Finding Nemo? Look no further!
  • Soup Bubble Making Workshop (for up to 20 children) + themed Pinata (~1hr)
  • Fishing Carnival Game (3hrs) – inclusive of prizes and 1 manpower to man the station.
  • Under the Sea themed Interactive Games (30min) + themed Pinata

4. Hosting of the Cake Cutting Ceremony

Let our hosts help you with the cake cutting and put the smiles on the children’s faces.

5. Marine Themed E-invite

Use our customised (with name and party details) e-invite to invite to your guests to the party.

6. Marine Animals Theme Goodie Bags

Includes our customised goodie bags which consists:

  • Blue Pencils x 2
  • Blue Sharpener
  • Mr Bottle’s book
  • High Bounce Ball
  • Soap Bubble Solution
  • Theme bags to put all the items in.

Under the Sea Party Add-ons

Take your kid’s Under the Sea birthday party or kids event to another level with our addons! Make your under the sea and marine theme birthday party the event which your guests talk about for years to come!


Under the Sea Candy Buffet

3D Scenery backdrop

3D Scenery backdrop

Under the Sea / Ocean theme Customised Decorations Package

Little mermaid Candy Buffet

3D Scenery backdrop

Balloon Columns and Arch

Backdrop photo point

Marine Backdrop with Whale and blue organic arch

Shark Mouth Entrance