Under the Sea Party Package!

Want a hassle-free theme party? Mr Bottle’s Kids Party is launching Singapore’s first ever complete theme party package! After 2 year in the planning and researching, we have perfected the “Under the Sea” Party! We can take care of everything from the room to food, decorations to invitations and not forgetting our populars entertainment! You don’t need to do anything, other picking up the phone to book our service! (and pay us of course.)

The Fish Head

whale cakeWe want the guests to experience “Under the Sea theme”, even before they stepped into the event venue.

  • Guest”book” – We specially designed guest signing sheet to fit into “Under The Sea Theme”.
  • Invitation cards – Customised Invitation Cards ! (up to 50 pieces)
  • Under the Sea Cake – Various designs for “Under the Sea” Cakes available!

Balloon Decorations

    • oceanway arch“Underwater Coral” Balloon Archway – creates a stunning oceanentryway, giving the audience the “wow” factor when they enter.
    • Balloon columns – Used for the stage area to create a secondary focal point.
    • To create the illusion of bubbles in an ocean, clear helium balloons will be tied in clusters and placed around the room. We also used microfoil stars and blue balloons to brighten the place up. (20 x cluster of balloons)
    • Long Green Balloons will be used to create “seaweed”.
    • Seashells are used to decorate the reception tables..
    • clown fish balloonFish microfoil centrepieces (x5) will don the tables, which are decorated with seashells.
  • Customised Banner – An especially designed banner for your party which incorporates the details that you want including the name.
  • “Find the Pearls in this Treasure Chest” (“Di Gum”) – Children can try their luck at digging for “pearls” inside the Treasure Chest and win some amazing prizes!
  • She Sells Seashells on the Seashore – Kids and adults can play this game as they arrive and the results are revealed at the end of the day.
  • Sweets – Sweets in fish design wrapping papers were put in a seashell container for guests to take.
  • Bubble Solution – To further create an “under the sea” experience, we will provide fish-shape bubble solutions for the children to create the bubbles in the ocean as part of the goodies.

The Fins (Fringe Shows)

  • octopus balloonBalloon Sculpting (1 hr) – Our balloon sculptor, N2, will make fishes, sea turtles, sea “flowers”, and other things to get the audience into the mood of Under the Sea!
  • Face & Hand painting (1 hr) – Twinkle artist specially will draw sea related designs, like starfish, jellyfish and octopus on children and adults’ hands and faces!.
  • Caricature (1 hr) – Our guests can bring home a souvenir of their caricature of mermaid, sailors or even King Neptune.
  • Mascot (1 hr)  – Our mascot clown fish will roam around the party area to interact with the guests. Of course, guests can take photos with it to bring home good memories of this party!
  • fish mascotTreasure Hunt – Everyone can try their hand to be Captain Nemo as they tries to find the treasure hidden in the grounds of the party.
  • Colouring – For the younger children, we will prepare “Under the Sea” colouring sheets for them.

The Fish Body (Stage Shows)

  • Magic Show – Mr Bottle will perform a special Birthday Show for the audience with the birthday child becoming the star of the show.
  • “Under the Sea” Games – Kids will play games like “Fish, Crab and Shark”, “Who has the lungs of a Fish?”, “Sea and Land”, etc with the audience.

The Tail

  • Goodies Bag x 20 – A specially Customised Goodies Bags with Under the Seas items!
  • Balloon Giveaway – Everyone had great fun separating and bringing the balloons home.

Total Cost: $4788 (Excluding Room and Food)

Optional Upgrade

  • Marine Cut-Out – Children can take photos and pose at the cutout with the marine animal! $400
    • Footsteps – “Footsteps” of starfish, crabs and other marine creatures will be place along the way to lead the guest to the function area. (Free with the above)
  • Pinata – A favourite with the children, they will enjoy getting the candies out the fish’s stomach! $100
  • Upgrade the customised banner to a 12ft x 8ft backdrop for $1000.

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