Trending Parties themes: Unicorn Theme Party Ideas

Trending Parties themes: Unicorn Theme Party Ideas

There seems to be a time for everything! Pokemon, minions and Frozen were and maybe still popular themes for birthday party. What is the in-thing for girls now in Singapore or even around the World? We have been seeing quite a few unicorn theme parties nowadays and here are some simple ideas which you can use.

There are many DIY ideas which cost you less than $5 to put up at your birthday parties!

1) Rainbow Banner

My client taught me this! What a brilliant hack! She bought table cloth of different colours, cut strips and paste them together!

rainbow banner

Rainbow banner

2) Unicorn Racing Game

Buy some wind-up toys unicorns / horse and print rainbow as tracks! A great game to keep the children occupied. Have heats and finals and award the champion with a rainbow medal!

unicorn racing games

Unicorn racing games

3) Balloons Decorations

Rainbow is a great colour scheme for the unicorn theme party. Pink and purple are also great favourite.

4) Rainbow Snacks

Buy rainbow cups to put gummy bears, popcorn, cheese puff and other snacks.

rainbow snacks

Rainbow snacks

5) Enchanted Garden

Create a mini enchanted garden, using grass patches from Daiso and mini figurines of unicorns from toys shops.

enchanted garden

enchanted garden

6) Craft

Recycle old bottles and create a rainbow bottle craft.

rainbow jar experiment

Rainbow jar craft

7) Need a unicorn invite card?

Unicorn Invitation Card Free Download

Unicorn Invitation Card Free Download

Download and customise yourself here. 

More Unicorn Theme Party Ideas

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