5 DIY Ideas / Tips for Your Christmas Party in Singapore

5 DIY Ideas / Tips for Your Christmas Party in Singapore

Although Singaporeans are of different races and religion, most people in our multi-cultural society celebrate Christmas! Hence a lot of merchants are capitalising on this to do promotions, discounts, etc.

We have seen companies having Christmas parties where staff members enjoy entertainment and food. We have seen small Christmas gatherings of families.

But you don’t need to burn holes in your pockets to create the ultimate Christmas party for your friends and families; here are some tips which you can ‘do-it-yourself’!

1) Christmas Decorations

Children love to put up the Christmas trees themselves! Ask them to draw, decorate and cut out their own Christmas Ornaments to hang on the Xmas Tree!

2) Santa Claus

An economical (budget) way to do it is to rent a Santa Claus costume (or even a Santa Mascot for the cute factor) for just about $120-$250. You just need to find an adult guy to don it. Although there are costume selling at party shops for as low as $60, I would NOT recommend those because you don’t want to give Santa a bad name!

santa mascot

Cannot afford the $120? Technology is wonderful, you can now video call Santa! Yes, download Apps like “Video Call Santa” or “Message from Santa” and customise it.

3) Games

minute to win it games

Face the Cookie Game for A minute to win it.

Some easier to run Christmas games yourselves include:

  • Passing the (Christmas) Parcel – Wrap up parcel with several layers with small gifts in each layer.
  • Santa’s Footsteps  – Played like Grandma’s footsteps. One person is selected Santa – he/she faces a wall wearing a Santa Hat and beard. The others in the group start at the other end of the room, then try to creep up to him and tap him on the shoulder. However, at any moment, Santa Claus can turn around suddenly. If he sees anyone moving, he points at them and that person must return to the start. No-one is allowed to move while he is watching them.
  • Musical Chairs – but with Christmas Carols!
  • Face the (Christmas) Cookie – Great game for children for kids as well as adults as they try to move the cookie from the forehead to the mouth.

4) Singing Contest

Run an American’s Got Talent or American Idol style talent or singing contest and have a lot of fun!

5) Food Delivery

If you do catering, most food catering companies will want you to commit to a minimum number of pax, which is great if you have a big party! But if you are having just a small party, that can be costly, with a lot of leftover food. Nowadays, with our food delivery apps like Grab and Deliveroo, it is so easy!

Grab app

Just a word of advice, the festive season is very peak for restaurants as well as deliveries so:

  • Order early; you don’t want to panic and working on your phone while the guests are coming in.
  • Be flexible on the type of food you want. (sometimes you can order deliveries direct from restaurants too)
  • Be prepared; there may be delays with the food so always have some items like potato chips, finger food on hand just in case.

 Christmas Add-ons

Want to have more time to host your guests? Book our Christmas themed decorations, Christmas Magic Show by Mr Bottle, carnival games, Christmas mascots rental, party host, magic miror photo booth, balloon sculpting and facepainting! Check out our Christmas Themed Package here.
Our past clients for Christmas events and entertainment include Changi City Point, Spring Grove condominium and American Club.
Watch a video of the Mr Bottle’s Christmas Magic Show here:

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