Case Study: Enterpreneurship Event for Kids@Work

Case Study: Enterpreneurship Event for Kids@Work

One of the more popular themes which we have done for Bring Your Kids to Work day is Entrepreneurship! Yes, not only MNCs can book our services, there are start-ups with less than 50 employees booking us to teach children meaningful things!

This is actually a very big topic if you think about it! Although this is not the usual magic shows, balloon sculpting and facepainting, this theme fit into many technology, start-up, investment and stock exchange companies!

Here’s the case study and photos of the event which Mr Bottle’s Kids Party have done at Changi City Point.

Photo opportunities:

We created easy to wear “business suits” for children so they look sharp for their work or pitching to VCs. Start-ups founders are multi-taskers so remember to pose in front of our hands to make the point! Successful millionaires can take photos to be on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine!


Our activities were even suitable for 4-year-olds (because we did not know which age group would participate at the mall)! A shopper, with a smart 2-year-old, even offered to buy our programme ! Developed by entrepreneur and psychology-trained Kien, he gamified hard-to-understand and difficult-to-grasp entrepreneur concepts into child-friendly ones. Kids earned cash as they took part in activities. Some of the stations included:

  • Bank Kids learn about the importance of saving.
  • Money PuzzleLearn the price of success by fixing this puzzle!
  • Stocks ExchangeWant to grow your money even faster? Invest in our apple, pear or or even lemon stocks. Children learn about the risks involved if they invest in stocks.
  • Marketing Opportunity – Match the right businesses with the correct opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship Academy – Learn more about different terms used in entrepreneurship with this memory game.
  • Investment Game – Compare and understand which person/company makes the most money.
Of course, there are a lot more variety of activities which we have done for an entrepreneur themed event! Contact us about your event so we can customise a programme which is suitable for your event.

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