Science Theme Party

Science ShowChildren above 5 years old are curious about the world around them! Celebrate your kid’s love for science at their next birthday party! If your little one asks lots of questions, loves doing experiments, then this cool science package is for you! Dust off your old chemistry, physical or biology textbooks, look for your old test tubes and vernier calliper for your party.

Fill up your periodic (party) table with candy buffets and lots of food! We do all the work from science party invitations to decorations, from workshops to shows so your children of all ages will be kept entertained throughout your one-of-a-kind party! We also have some science ideas and free downloads to help you get kick started for your explosive party!

If your children like being a doctor OR Doc McStuffins, our workshop can be customise to bring out what it is like to be a doctor.

Book your unique science party for only $1699 $1399 $1199!

1. E-invite OR invitation cards

Invite your friends to your unique science party!

science e-invite

2. Decorations

  • Get our Science lab with blackboard scribbling by Professor Messy!

science backdrop

3. Exhibition

Learn more about science with our optical illusion exhibits (x4)

  • Which one is darker?
  • Fun periodic table.
  • Carrot or cabbage?
  • Moving dragon.

4. Fringe Activity

  • DIY Helicopter Making (1hr) – While the guests streams in, they can make their paper helicopters.

5. Science Carnival Games

Choose one of the following (inclusive of 1 manpower and prizes):

  • Froggie Parabola (3hrs) – Learn about levers, fulcrum and force with this fun game.
  • Rolling down the hill (3hrs) – Learn about friction, Gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy in this game.
  • Shockwave (3hrs) – Learn about electricity and circuits in this hand steadiness game.

6. Main Activity

Science show is perfect for older children

Science Show suitable for older children.

7. Bonus Experiment

Choice of  1 of the following experiments:

  • Rocket Shoot-off (only venues with clearing is suitable.)
  • Coke Explosion (a mess may be created, outdoors recommended)
  • Smoke in a bottle
  • Solar Bag (dependent on weather)
  • Energy Stick

rocket launching

8. Labcoats

Free rental of top labcoats and goggles for all the children.

9. Science Workshops

Science Workshop for up to 20 children. (45-60min) Choice of  2 of the following workshops:

  • Boomerang Making
  • Bouncing Bubble Solution
  • Slime Making
  • Lava Lamp Making

science workshop

$15 for every additional child.

9. Science Goodies Bags

20 x Science-Themed Goodies Bags

  • Pencils x 2
  • Sharpener
  • Notebook
  • Foam Aeroplane
  • Rubix Cube
  • Professor Messy’s “Thank you for coming” Paper Bag

science goodie bags

Extra bags at $5 each.

10. Sound System

Music commonly use in science friction movies will be play as background music.

11. Hosting of Cake Cutting

Professor Messy or our staff will help with the cake hosting as the children take photos with our science backdrop,

Other Science Party Ideas

Decorations Ideas:

  • Display your old science textbooks around the house.
  • Get your blackboard or whiteboard out and scribble science formulas on them.
  • Put containers of Playdoh around as displays as well as for the children to play.
  • Use letters from the periodic table of elements to make the birthday child’s name and tape them to the walls.
  • Set up magnifying glasses and items which the children can inspect children. It can be leaves, rocks and even circuit boards!
  • Write a sign and hang it at the door “Keep away! Mad Scientists at Work.” Science Party Food Ideas

Science Party Food Ideas:

  • Molecular Fruit: Use a small ice cream scoop to carve fruit such as watermelon and honeydew into balls. Attach them together with toothpicks so that they look like molecule chains.
  • Beaker Soda: Buy beakers used in science experiments and serve different coloured drinks. Green soda like Mountain Dew or lemon lime fruit juice would look perfect with a gummy worm draped over the side of the beaker!
  • M&Ms: Buy lots of m&ms and separate them into different colours and put them in test tubes.