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How Did Mr Bottle’s Magic Academy Started?

Mr Bottle experienced how magic has helped him and wanted to use the same methods to help his children. He taught his 1-year-old daughter to do the magic. She performing the magic wasn’t what surprise Mr Bottle, she was resetting the props by herself after seeing how his father do it! After 5 years of development, and persuasion by his wife, he decided to share his methodology with the world.

Why Learn Magic?

Do you know that Nobel Prize winners are 22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers or magicians? (Source: Adam Grant, New York Times, 30 Jan 2016)

Magic is probably the only art form which is multi-disciplinary; involving sciences, mathematics, psychology, theatre and many more! Our hands-on workshop is a fun session which the children will be learn not only magic, they will also take home other skills like confidence, creative thinking and presentation through a series of kinaesthetic activities.

Developed by a psychologist,  the lessons are customised base on the children’s age group and learning ability. Craft and games are incorporated into the lesson to make it more interactive and fun! The children are also encouraged to put up a short performance at the end of the workshop to showcase what they have learnt.

Kien (more commonly known as Mr Bottle) also makes use of his experience in working with kids as well as his children, to come up with a system to teach magic to very young children weaving in life values like generosity,  respect and perseverance.

We are starting our regular classes as well as holiday classes for magic after many requests from parents and friends! Email us, fill up the form below or check out the schedule of our latest classes in news.

Magic is for Who?

Anyone can learned magic! However, Mr Bottle’s Magic Academy wants to focus on children because we know the impact of magic if it is learned correctly!

That is why in our lessons, we do not use ready-made magic kits to teach kids. Every lesson is customised and developed from scratch!

Mr Bottle has taught magic:

  • at the Istana in which children learned and performed magic for President Halimah Yacob.
  • to children as part the Act 3 International festival.
  • to magicians at the Vietnam Magic Convention 2019 in Ho Chi Minh.
  • at PayPal’s Bring Your Kids to Work 2019
  • at Facebook’s Family Hack 2019

Singapore President Halima Yacob interacting with the children from Singapore Children’s Society after watching their magic show.

Mr Bottle’s Magic Academy featured on Channel News Asia.

Mr Bottle teaching children from Singapore Children’s Society some simple magic so they can perform for the President later at the Istana

Group photo of the Volunteers, President  Halimah Yacob and children after the session of magic and activities.

Benefits of learning magic

  • #awareness (how to stage the trick) to verbal reasoning (what to ask the audience), that’s tons of brain muscles at work! Maximising these linguistic and cognitive abilities can support learning and enhance school performance and achievement.
  • #boost confidence – Performing on stage can be an incredibly daunting experience at first. With time and effort, young children can be guided to perform in the presence of their friends and family, and eventually in front of an unfamiliar audience. With each step, your child builds a sense of triumph and achievement, gains self-confidence and internalise a belief that “I can do it!”. According to experts, positive self-esteem and self-confidence are the key ingredients to success in life.
  • #Self-discipline – With magic, your child may be spending Your little ones will that investing in time and effort are the only ways to perfect their craft. There just aren’t no shortcuts in life! Not to mention that your little one is learning to focus and rule out environmental distractions. Mental concentration is the key to mastering a new skill.
  • #Up social skills – When rehearsing and performing magic tricks, your child learns to interact with their peers and family. Approaching someone, asking spontaneous questions, thinking on the feet are just part and parcel of being a good performer. There are endless conversational skills to be gained along the way!
  • #Seeing things from other’s perspective – To pull off a performance, young children need to think through the eyes of the audience. They learn to understand how others think and feel. This heightened senses will enhance their social relationships.

About Magic Academy’s Curriculum Developer

The first and only magician specializing in children’s magic in Asia to be featured on the cover of an International magic magazine, Mr Bottle’s original works and concepts have been showcased around the world like USA, Taiwan, Korea and China. He is the first magician from Asia to helm a column on M-U-M, the publication of the Society of American Magicians.

Mr Bottle has lectured for magicians in Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh as well as Singapore.

Our trainers are specially selected to ensure that they can speak good English to the children. The children are also encouraged to put up a short performance at the end of the workshop to showcase what they have learnt.

Mr Bottle’s students are not only children but also celebrities include the following:

Kate Pang (庞蕾馨) learning magic from Mr Bottle for her role in a drama series.

Mr Bottle was the magic consultant and the hands of the actors of various drama series.

Magic Course Outline:

Each year will consist of 3 semester and each semester will consist of 10+2 lessons. There will be a showcase  at the end of each semester as well as a bigger one at the end of the year which they have to pass in order to go on to Year 2.

Year 1:

Focus will be on the very fundamentals of magic. Mr Bottle knows that this is much more important than quickly learning secrets because without proper basic understanding of these principles, they may grew up with the wrong understanding of the art. You cannot just learn magic from YouTube, magic is not just about secrets! Children will learn:

  • core values of magic (and life) (eg. empathy, adaptation, appreciation)
  • the magic effects which we achieve using magic (eg. transformation, disappearance, etc.)
  • underlying principles of magic (eg. camouflage,
  • teach them to be inventive and creative (that is why they learn how to make their own props)

Year 2:

Building on fundamentals. Lessons will be more creative and coming from within themselves. By now, children may have found an arena of magic which they prefer. Using their own preference of style which suits them, they are to come up with their own presentation based on what they learn. They will also learn simple manipulation.

Year 3:

Children will be challenged to come up with their own magic based on a principle which they learn. They are to work together to help each other in their acts and improve on them.

Year 4: 

Coming soon.

See videos here:

Watch our Term I Year I graduation show here (youngest student is 5 years old):

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