Circus / Carnival Theme Party

Children and adults love going to carnivals and circus; perfect for all ages, whether it is a birthday party, office party, family day, bring your kids to work, Christmas party, etc! The colourful balloons, tasty carnival food, fun games, amazing shows, exciting rides, smell of popcorn in the air and more, who can resist them!

With so many ideas which you can do with a circus and carnival theme party, there are lots of carnival fun which to your party! Event under the big top or yellow and red tentage or just lots of balloons, it is all possible!

Although your circus may not have real animal like elephants and lion at the party,  you can have cool seal and fierce tiger balloons. We have lots of professional options to suit different age groups; from balloon sculpting to animal mascots, from fun face and handpainting to roller coaster ride (Yes, almost… read below to find out more)!

Get this value-for-money Carnival Theme Party Package for only $1200 $880

  1. Carnival Ticket E-invite
    • Send a carnival ticket invitation to the party!
    • Email or WhatsApp to your friends.
  2. Decoration: Happy Birthday Carnival banner
    • 1.9  x 1.4m
    • Includes eyelets to hang or to be pasted on the wall
    • Our staff arrive 30-60min before time of party to set up.
    • No mark left behind on walls/glass with our professional knowledge.
  3. Fringe Activity: Balloon Sculpting
  4. Carnival Games
    • Ring Toss
    • Up to 3 hours
    • All inclusive of manpower and prizes
  5. Main Programme: Bouncy Castle
    • Up to 4 hours
    • About 3 x 3 x 2m
    • Inclusive of delivery and set up
  6. Facilitators
    • Our facilitators will ensure the smooth flow of the party
  7. Hosting of Cake Cutting Ceremony
    • Our party host will help gather the children and sing the birthday song.
  8. Goodies Bags
    • 20 x Mr Bottle’s Goodie Boxes
    • contains Goodies Box, an Origami game, an Eraser, , 2 Pencils, a Sharpener and a Hardcover Notebook
  9. Free Programme Planning
    • Our professional party planners will help you arrange the programme to fit your schedule and dinner.

Additional child at $5/pax

Want a bigger carnival? The following Funfair Party Package is only for $2175 $1580!

All inclusive of set up and delivery. No hidden cost! Additional child at $12/kid

1) Carnival Ticket E-invite

Receive a customised e-invite with birthday child’s name, party details as well as RSVP contact which you can whatsapp or email to your family and friends.

2) Carnival Theme Decorations

Choose 1 of the following:

  • Banner + Balloon Column Combo
    • Birthday Banner with stand + 
      • 1.9 x 1.4m
      • Customised to suit your event and child’s name
      • Great for photo taking
    • 2 x balloon columns
      • Choose your favourite colours
      • Recommend yellow and red
  • Popcorn Balloon Arch
    • perfect to create fun 1st impression
  • Helium Balloons
    • 120 pcs
    • Choose the colours which you want.

3) Fun Circus Fringe Activities

Choose one of the following:

  • Balloon Sculpting (1hr)
    • Our sculptors can make any designs the children wants.
    • Recommended if there are children of various ages.
  • Face & Hand painting (1hr)
    • FDA safe paints
    • Recommended if there are many young kids.
  • Caricature (1hr)
    • Recommended if there are mostly older children or adults at the party
    • Can be roving.

4) Carnival Food

Choose Popcorn or Candy Floss

  • Free Flow for 3 hours
  • inclusive of manpower, ingredient and delivery.
  • NEA approved vendor

Top up $100 for corn cup (free flow).

5) Carnival Games

  • 3 hours
  • inclusive of manpower and prizes

Choice of one of the following:

  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Fishing
  • Shooting
  • Ring Toss
  • Racing Car

6. Carnival Prizes

  • Upgrade to better prizes
  • inclusive of big soft toy or Mr Bottle’s magic set
  • Lots of smaller soft toys

7) Main Activity

Choose one of the following:

  • Bouncy Castle
    • Up to 4hours
    • Recommended for party with very young children.
    • 3 x 4m x 2m (height)
    • Includes staff to ensure safety.
  • Mascot (1hr)
    • Recommended for party with young children.
    • Lots of different animals mascots to choose from
    • Includes 1 mascot guide and mascot talent.

    Magic Show (30min)

    • award winning magician
    • interactive show
  • Roller Coaster rides (1hr)
    • VR headsets x 2
    • breaks needed for each set
    • includes staff to manage it

8. Claw Machine

  • Toy Table size Claw Machine
  • includes candies.

9. Facilitators

  • ensure the smooth flow of the party

10) Mr Bottle’s Goodie Box

  • 20 pcs
  • include contains pencils, sharpener, eraser, notebook and an origami game.

11) Cake Cutting

Our facilitators  will help you gather the children and host the cake cutting for you!

12) Free Party Planning

Just tell us the time of your party, duration, time of food and we will do the planning for you. With 18 years of experience of party planning, you are sure that your guests will have a fun filled experience at your party.

Carnival Party Add-ons

Air Hockey Arcade Machine Rental ($1380)

3D Carnival Photobook ($300)

(10inch, 10 pages. Client need to provide 12-15 photos)

Carnival circus balloon decorations ($70-$580)

Ringmaster and lion, Trapeze, Clown, balloon columns, balloon arch and more!

Train Theme Dessert / Candy Buffet

Carnival Theme Dessert Table

Circus themed customised Loot Bag

Circus directional sign

Circus Variety Show

Wack a mole arcade machine $980

Daytona Racing Arcade Machine Rental ($1380, twin machine)

Clown show – World’s Best Clown!

Other Arcade machines available too. Enquire at 65155921 or for more information.