10 DIY Ideas / Tips for Your Halloween Party in Singapore

10 DIY Ideas / Tips for Your Halloween Party in Singapore

Although Singaporeans don’t have a tradition of celebrating Halloween, more and more locals are joining the band wagon to celebrate this unique festival from the west!

Most children here do not go door-to-door for Treat or Trick, since most neighbours do not have a habit of preparing candies nor know what to do. Instead, we see establishments like country clubs, condominiums, restaurants, hotels and small parties gathering people for Halloween. (Halloween Horror Nights at Resorts World Sentosa is probably the most successful Halloween celebration in Singapore.)

Here are some tips which you can ‘do-it-yourself’!

1) Halloween Decorations

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to decorate your party room with Halloween decorations! An easy source of decoration is Daiso! They have such a wide variety of Halloween decorations, from lanterns to buntings, from banners to props which made me wonder… do Japanese celebrate Halloween too? For those who are not aware what Daiso is, everything in this shop is $2!!! (less than US$1.5!! and it is even cheaper in certain countries because of the exchange rate.)

You just have to be creative and combine them! See an arch which we made entirely out of Daiso lanterns! Include some LED lights (can be bought at Daiso too!) and tada, you have a winning Halloween decorations!

2) Switch off your lights

Since electricity is getting pricier everyday in Singapore, why not switch off all your lights during the party! You get an instant haunted dark house. (Just remember to remove all breakables).
Halloween jars

Source: Pinterest

Instead recycle your jars by painting them to look like Jack-o-lanterns. Put a candle inside (OR LED candle, also available at Daiso) and you have your own mysterious haunted house.

3) Scary Eyes

Ok, lights are off right? Cut out eyes from your toilet roll, put battery powered LED lights (I am sure you know where to find them for $2) and put these eyes in dark places.
toilet roll lights

Source: Pinterest

4) Fancy Dress Contest

Since everyone is all dressed up, make it part of the fun by having the contestants do catwalk, show what their costumes can do! This can keep the children occupied for 15-30min! Not sure how to judge it? Download our judging form, print out for the parents or organisers to judge.
Fancy Dress Contest

Fancy Dress Contest

5) Drink Blood anyone?

Buy cranberry juice and pour them into (blood) bags or syringes.

Get green candy floss and call them brain floss!

6) Create a giant spiderweb

Use twine (available for about $1-2 at any hardware shops or Daiso.. this is beginning to sound like an advertisement for them… but it’s NOT!) to create a big giant spiderweb!

Halloween Balloon Decorations

Ok ok, these are made of balloons, but idea is the same!

7) Halloween Puzzle Game

Here’s a simple Halloween game! Find a halloween poster and cut them into pieces. You have a fringe game in which children have to put them back together in 1-2min’s time. Great game while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Halloween Puzzle Game

Halloween Puzzle Game

8) Halloween ‘Guess the Pea’ Brain Game

Buy 3 to 4 brain moulds (or similar) used to make jelly or cakes. Hide a pea, skeleton or a toy under one of them and children have to guess where it is. It’s like ‘tigum tigum’, Halloween-style.

Pea and Shell Game Halloween-style

Pea and Shell Game Halloween-style

9) Skeleton craft

A simple art and craft session can keep kids occupied for 30-60min. Teach the children how to make their very own skeleton using cotton buds, which is like less than $1 in hardware shops. Other materials needed include black construction paper, PVA glue, white paper (for the skeleton head) and scissors.

skeleton craft

Skeleton craft

10) ‘Treat and Dare’ Box

Want a treat? Reach into our box to guess what is inside the box. Decorate a cardboard box and cut a small hole, just enough for those tiny pesky hands to reach in, at the top. You can also cut an viewing hole on the side so it is easy to switch items. Some ideas for items to put inside the box:

  • rubber snakes
  • rubber spiders
  • slime
  • teddy bear
  • your cat
  • your husband… ok you get the point! Anything is possible!
Guess what is inside the box!

Guess what is inside the Halloween box!

Halloween Add-ons

Our past clients for Halloween events include Harbourfront Centre mall, Spring Grove condominium and Safra Toa Payoh.
Watch a video of the magic mirror photo booth here:

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