Like watching football? Children like to play basketball? With the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup which just ended, and the Asian games coming, soccer and sports theme parties are one of the most popular and fun theme which you can have for a change!

If you want to do one yourself, here are 5 tips to help you throw a simple sports themed birthday party or event for your children. You can even organise an art and craft football party with our downloads for the DIY Foosball table. For everything else, there is of course, Mr Bottle’s Kids Party, which can help you with entertainment so you can chat with your sports buddies on the latest soccer news and scandel!

Get Your Sports Theme Party for only $1580 $988!

Free e-invite (customised) / invitation cards

We will customise your invite to suit your party, with details so you can email or whatapp to your friends and relatives.


"Create a first impression"

Choose 1 of the following:

  • Balloon Columns x 2
    • choose your favourite colour; depending on the sports you choose!
    • Toppers can be customised
  • Birthday Banner (1.9 x 0.8m)
    • Customised to suit your event and name
    • Great for photo taking

Fringe Activity

"Entertain Guests as they stream in"

Choose one of the following (1hr):

  • Sports Themed Balloons Sculpting (1hr)
    • Our sculptors can make any designs the children wants; from football, basketball player and more!
    • Recommended if there are children of various ages.
Michael Jordan basketball Balloon Sculpture

Michael Jordan basketball Balloon Sculpture

  • Sports Themed Face & Hand painting (1hr)
    • FDA safe paints
    • Painted your favourite country flags on your face or arm.
Facepainting of flags for World Cup and sports events

Facepainting of flags for World Cup and sports events

  • Caricature (1hr)
    • Recommended if there are mostly older children at the party
    • Can be roving.
superhero caricature

Carnival Games

"Entertain Adults and Children Throughout the Party"

Choose one of the following sports themed carnival games (inclusive of the manpower to man the booth and prizes) so you don’t need to get your guests or family to help (when they really want to rest at the party) (2hrs):

    • Basketball
    • Golf
    • Shooting
    • Ring Toss
    • Racing Car
    • Soccer
    • Fishing
basketball carnival game

Main Activity

"Highlight of the party"

Choose one of the following:

  1. Sports Themed Interactive Games (30-45min)
    • inclusive of prizes for all who participated
    • allow everyone a chance to play
    • birthday child as the star of the show.
interactive games

Interactive games

2. Organisation of a Sports Game, eg. soccer, captain’s ball, basketball, etc.  (1hr)

  • Referee to oversee the game
  • Jersey for 2 different teams
  • medals for the sportsmen of the party
  • Venue / facilities to be provided by client.


3. Sports Themed Photo Frame Making Craft (1hr)

  • Recommended if children are younger than 7 years old
  • Free Polaroid for each child
  • For up to 15.
Sports theme photo frame

Sports theme photo frame

Cake Cutting

We will help in the hosting of the cake cutting

Goodies Bags

Children can bring home one of our sports themed goodie bags. (15pcs)

Sports Themed Add-ons:

Get some of our sports themed add-ons to electrify the atmosphere!


Guest will love the several photo opportunities with our premium decorations like customised banner, bunting, party hats and candy buffet (Packages from $800 to $2000, with optional standees.)

Basketball MPV Baby

Basketball MPV Baby

Soccer star standee

Soccer star standee

Foos Ball Competition

Don’t want the weather to spoil the party? A perfect soccer activity for children as well as adults. ($950 inclusive of the rental of the foos tables and a fun referee to organise the competition.)

Foos Ball Tables Competition

Foos Ball Tables Competition

Football Table standings

Football Table standings

Bouncy Castle

Jump jump! Exercise and jump around like a sportsman!

Bouncy castle at Bussels Sprout

Foos Ball DIY Craft.

Learn how to make a simple foos tables with guidance from our instructions. $30/child (minimum 15 children.)

DIY foos ball table

DIY foos ball table

Want to run this workshop yourself? Get the instructions and downloads from our blog!