Superhero themed Kids@work

Why is a Kids@Work superhero themed? As our repeat client for more than 3 years, we still firmly believes that ‘Bring Your Children to Work’ should be meaningful event. Other the usual balloon sculpting and facepainting which were themed to Superhero, we customised activities which we train the children to be their own superheroes. The venue is divided into 3 different zones:

  • Superhero training.
  • Superhero Wardrobe Department.
  • Save the World.

There are also roving activities for the children. Teenager and adults are not left out; there are activities which the adults can be part off. Children were made superheroes as they performed magic together with Mr Bottle at the end of the whole event!

While this is going on, our film crew went around to interview children on what their superheroes are like! The video footage were shown to parents at the end of the event,  of course, the most important reveal was that parents soon realised that they are the real Superheroes in the children’s hearts!

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Photos standees around the event venue

Superhero photos points around the event venue

Superhero booklet and power cards.

Superhero ‘New York City’ standee decorations

Superhero training: Planning

Make your superhero gear.

Make your superhero cape

Superhero training – What superpowers do you want? Read minds?

Custom design art & craft: Sand Art

Roving Activity – Find the Villain

Save the World – Pot a plant. Being a superhero is easier than you think!

Paint your face and hand like a Superhero with our face and hand painting.

Replenish your energy with a Superhero candy buffet

Custom Package

We do a total bespoke event for office parties / kids@work / Bring your Children to Work. Email us at for a free consultation.